How To Keep Squirrels Off Roof

How To Keep Squirrels Off Roof. Squirrels in your roof can be a bit of a nuisance. While many people enjoy seeing squirrels racing up trees and engaging in the occasional exercise, having them nearby the house can be extremely noisy.

They communicate by making high-frequency noises that travel between each other and dart about quickly, making an otherwise tidy environment untidy within a few days’ time.

As a result, learning how to keep squirrels off a roof is critical if you want to avoid losing your sanity as well as avoid giving your house guests who might not understand why it’s suddenly difficult to search for squirrels an experience they won’t forget soon.

How To Keep Squirrels Off Roof

how to keep squirrels off roof

We will discuss here how we can keep squirrels off roof.

Tree Branches Pruning

Squirrels can be excellent jumpers, but overgrown tree branches or landscape structures near homes and businesses often limit their ability to jump from one thing to another.

The most successful way of managing squirrels in and around a property is by downsizing any trees nearby to ensure there is at least a 10-foot buffer between the adjacent tree’s highest branches and your home’s roofline.

With less room for them to jump, wildlife like squirrels will not be able to leap onto roofs as easily because they simply won’t have enough space to reach it.

Covering Electric Cables And Wires

Squirrels can be pests. When you have an electric pole in your backyard, squirrels often climb it and then onto the roof, leaving their seeds everywhere.

You can solve this problem by placing two pieces of PVC pipe crosswise at the bottom of the electric pole. If a squirrel ventures onto the pole, he’ll fall through to the ground below.

He won’t get electrocuted, because the PVC is safe to touch while you’re standing on the solid ground holding onto it, but it will be enough to unbalance him so that he’ll fall off the pole when you push him off.

Squirrels will eventually give up climbing your roof if there’s no food left for them that they can eat anyway as soon as they manage to get up there.

Use Of Scare Crows

use of scare crows

Squirrels are a food source for hawks and many other birds of prey.

By placing several plastic owls around your trees, squirrels will get the message that there is a predator in the area and flee before reaching their nesting areas, preventing them from raising their young.

Use Of Repellents

Many animals have a pungent aroma that is strong enough to make them nauseous or even repel predators. This noxious odor comes from their own spray created in the form of fox or coyote pee.

To protect your home and garden from squirrels, for instance, it is best to spray the area with fox and coyote so that they can experience nausea upon smelling it and quickly go away.


What’s up with the squirrels on my roof?

Squirrels often collect acorns, nuts and other small things from the woods. When these creatures make their way into your home, they will incessantly roll a variety of objects around within your house.

Additionally, you’ll most likely hear them shuffling these objects around the ground and then stashing them away in different locations around your property.

In the summer, will squirrels leave the attic?

You see, as the temperature begins to warm up in the summer time, squirrels come out of their habitats to look for food and water.

As a homeowner, you can decide that instead of making your unwelcome guests leave your home during the hotter conditions by sealing off entry points, you can wait until they get too hot before doing so with patience. They will return once the temperatures cool down.


How To Keep Squirrels Off Roof. Squirrels always have teeth that are constantly growing, in order to cut them down they must chew on items. Because people don’t notice squirrels chewing holes into their roofs until there is water damage and leaks.

If a squirrel is found within the walls of your house you need to remove it immediately. The best way for this to happen is by sealing off any light fixtures or electrical wiring that has been eaten through by the squirrels.

The easiest solution for most homeowners is inspecting the exterior of their property at least twice per year looking for any obvious signs of damage from small animals such as squirrels or raccoons which can easily turn into serious problems if left unattended for a couple of weeks during certain seasons.

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