How To Load Bostitch Staple Gun

How To Load Bostitch Staple Gun. Bostitch staplers come in different sizes for different purposes. Depending on what you need, you can choose between a light-duty or heavy-duty model for everyday tasks at home or at the office.

Both types are usually designed to provide neater and more convenient operation, but some heavy-duty models might be activated by air pressure instead of your hand, such as impact staplers.

It’s important to remember that all Bostitch staplers require reloading after a while because they don’t come with preloaded staples.

How To Load Bostitch Staple Gun

We’ll go through how to load a Bostitch staple gun in this article.

Loading Manual Bostitch Staple Gun

Research your options for staplers, find the one you think will best suit your needs.

Look up a guide on how to use that stapler and refer to it several times before trying the staple remover out.

Push the button on the side to eject the magazine, remove any staples remaining inside of the device. Load fresh staples into your stapler depending either on weight or length.

Push excess wire from the backside of the tray into their designated area in one swift motion. Replace magazine and test fire onto scrap material as mentioned in your manual.

Loading Pneumatic Bostitch Staple Gun

You must turn off the compressor first. The stapler comes next, so detach it. Press the power button on the compressor tank and press the lever on the front of the stapler.

It will help you disconnect the follower. Place your scrap wood onto magazine rails face-down and then slide them up and down to loosen it from friction use your hands to do this.

Once that’s done, release the handle in the front so your follower is secured. Finally, test out stapling on scrap wood. You’re ready to staple together furniture.


How do you get a Bostitch to open?

With your non-dominant hand, grab the bottom of the stapler. Using your strong hand, pull up on the arm to open the hinge and release the carrying tray.

Whenever you feel the arm fully open, let go of it and stay still for a few seconds to make sure there are no further hiccups once it comes in contact with your palm or fingers.

Why isn’t my stapler working?

The tool will not work if any of its important parts are damaged or worn out. Make sure you use staples that are the correct size and type for your tool.

It makes all the difference when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly if staples differ just a little.

My stapler is no stapling. What’s wrong?

The staple might get stuck behind other things and be difficult to dislodge simply by pushing on it.

One simple approach to get it out is to attempt pushing it out or clearing the catcher with another long enough item, which may release the staple.

If all else fails, you may simply separate the halves of the stapler’s cover and recover it via the slot at the front of the stapler.

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