How To Make A Fire Pit Screen

How To Make A Fire Pit Screen. Sparks that escape from open fire pits can cause forest and grass fires if there is dry kindling lying around.

If someone were to get hurt as a result of these fires, then you as the owner of the property can be held liable because it is your responsibility to make sure all guests are safe.

Fire screens should always be used with open fire pits to both prevent sparks from burning anyone sitting around the fire, and also help keep them contained within the pit to prevent them from escaping and potentially starting wildfires in the area.

How To Make A Fire Pit Screen

how to make a fire pit screen

The purpose of this article is to explain how to construct a fire pit screen.

Measure Area

First, measure the circumference of the area you plan to put your fire pit. Then measure the perimeter of that area.

When you know both of these measurements, you can decide from there whether or not you want a fire pit with a spark screen that is customized to fit perfectly in that specific spot.

It would be smart to buy stainless steel with a similar diameter to the measurement. It’s important to choose a good base for the cover, so a tall ring is good.

Welding Metal Sheets

Begin by welding two pieces of metal onto the sheet. They should be wide enough so the ring can be conformed to.

In addition, each strip must be at least eight inches longer than the diameter of the ring and should be aligned perpendicularly to each other. Consequently, an X will appear in the center.

Spread And Stretch

The metal cloth should be spread over the previously created frame. Ideally, the thickness of the fabric should not exceed the eighth inch.

Stretch the mesh around the inner edge of the ring that is enclosed completely on both sides. Enclose the mesh by stitching the two layers together.

Attach Metal Eye

Attach the metal eye to the top of the frame, leaving about half an inch or so for space.

Then attach another eye hook to the other side of your screen frame just below where you attached the first one.

Painting Screen

Completely assemble the screen and paint it. You should use high-temperature black paint specially designed for fire screens to coat the entire spark screen. Do not use ordinary paint.

Over time, the paint will chip away, so be sure to coat it again as often as necessary to protect the metal and remain compliant with local fire code requirements.


What can I use for a fire pit screen?

Stainless steel is the best option for your screen as it is much more durable and lasts longer. Steel conducts heat slower than other metals, making it an ideal choice for your application which is outdoors.

You must be careful because fire pit screens come in a coated form which will not last as long.

Does a fire pit need a screen?

If you own your own wood-burning fire pit, you need a set of screens to keep embers at bay. Those embers can pop and shoot out quite easily, potentially burning nearby furniture or the people sitting.

Final Words

Spark screens for fire pits are not complicated to make. Nevertheless, the necessary precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of fire pits.

The spark screen needs to be made of quality materials that will last for a long time. Follow the steps in this article carefully to learn how to make strong and long-lasting fire screens after you have the necessary tools.

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