How to mount a countertop microwave under cabinet

How to mount a countertop microwave under cabinet. Moving a countertop microwave to a location above the counter frees up some space on your kitchen counter and also creates a higher wall mount.

Mount-in-place countertop microwaves that come with an installation kit can be used in this configuration, while all you have to do is apply the included mounting plate to the bottom of whatever cabinet or other flat surfaces you select as your new wall mount.

How to mount a countertop microwave under cabinetmount a countertop microwave under cabinet

Countertop microwaves are portable and there is no need to drill holes in the cabinetry. A countertop microwave can be installed in cabinet space, or work with an under cabinet microwave system.

Here are basic instructions for mounting a countertop over-the-range microwave oven to a cabinet.

The preparation of work

When installing a cabinet microwave oven it is vital to have the correct supplies and tools handy. This can include a power drill, a stud finder, properly sized screws, and even a piece of wood at least two by four sizes.

In addition to having the basic items on hand, it is also important to ensure you have acquired the correct sized mounting kit that is compatible with your chosen microwave model.

After gathering all of these items you can proceed with preparing for installation by determining the best place in your kitchen for the cabinet microwave ovens.

It’s best to pick out a place that makes sense for your cooking style and routine as well as keep in line with any other aspects of ownership like how clean or messy things are kept around the apartment or house.

Select a location under a kitchen cabinet

After you have selected your location, pull out the stud finder we recommended you have earlier. The tool can be used to locate strong wall studs upon which you can hang your cabinet microwaves.

Mark these areas on the wall so you’ll remember where to install the microwave in the future. Don’t waste your time and energy putting holes in drywall if you haven’t mounted anything too structural wall material.

Add a piece of woodadd a piece of wood

Attach a piece of wood, 2 inches thick or wider and at least as long as a 2 x 4, to the cabinet’s underside to provide extra support for the microwave oven.

Use four-inch wood screws that can hold more weight than regular screws would because they are meant to be longer than most screws people use on a daily basis.

The extra support under the shelf is important when it comes down to how much weight will be placed on it.

Each day people might add or take out certain food items that could make all of the difference in terms of what kind of shelf supports you choose.

Put the mounting plate

Set the mounting plate from the microwave with a mounting kit on the wall against where it will be mounted. Align the mounting plate’s holes with markings you’ve made for locating studs.

Drive screws into the pilot holes of the mounting plate and through the holes in the board above to fasten them together.

Includes four L-shaped brackets

To mount your projector from the wall, find four L-shaped brackets in the mounting kit included with your device.

From there, simply attach each of the two long L-shaped brackets to the bottom of your mounting plate by screwing them into wall studs.

Now, use one of the shorter L-shaped brackets to connect each side of your mounting plate to the top corners of your projector’s outer casing though they won’t be able to screw into place just yet as they need a little bit more space before doing so.

For now, you can simply stick these pieces together using two screws that were handed out during installation.

Final Step

Carefully lower your microwave into its resting place situated between the mounting kit’s three pieces. Initially, screwing in the wood dowel through the oven’s underside in order to avert any tipping that might occur within the process.

Once you have tested and ensured the oven is sufficiently secured, tighten the screws and then connect all wires to ensure an inhabitable environment for electronics function. Now you can use your device.

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