How To Nail Quarter Round

How To Nail Quarter Round. Quarter-round is a small piece of moulding that runs at a 45° angle from the floor where it butts against baseboard.

It sometimes can look like an L-shaped piece with an open latch on one side, making it easy to fit into gaps between the floor and wall.

Some contractors use a nail gun to attach quarter-round, while homeowners usually just do it by hand, using basic tools like hammers and nails.

First, measure the length you need then mark and cut everything and apply some chalk lines if you want them. Before nailing your quarter-round in place to the baseboard, make sure it fits correctly as it all looks off otherwise after installation.

How To Nail Quarter Roundnail quarter round

We will discuss here steps of nail quarter round.

Step 1: Cleaning Dirt

This may seem obvious, but it is important to clean up after a job well done. Many companies don’t like the headache of having to hire professionals over and over again, so make sure you leave the cleanup to them.

Step 2: Finding Bottom Corner

One way to easily finish the transition from flooring to walls is by installing quarter-round molding.

To begin, find the bottom corner where you want or need the molding to begin and grab a quarter-round piece that fits snugly against your baseboard.

Next, take hold of both ends of the piece and press it gently into place along the baseboard so there are no gaps between them.

Step 3: Hammer Finishing Nailhammer finishing nail

Hammer a finishing nail two inches away from the end of the molding with its flat side nearly parallel to the floor. Position it an inch and a half from the corner.

Use your hammer to sink the nail into the baseboard for an easy installation.

Finishing nails are thin enough to go through what they’re being hammered into yet sturdy enough that they won’t split whatever material you’re nailing into!

Step 4: Countersink With Hammar

To finish the bottom piece, carry on using a quarter-round. Measure along the floor-length of your bureau every 12 inches. Secure each space by spot-marking it with Lignotape.

Then secure it anywhere else you need to make sure the quarter-round doesn’t fall apart – either by taping or making holes and nailing them into place with a hammer and wooden noggin.

Step 5: Applying Acrylic Caulking

To fill gaps between the baseboard and wall, apply masking tape to the baseboard. Apply caulk to the tape and smooth with a finger or a moistened rag.


What is the most effective method for nailing quarter round?

Trim is best attached to the wood around the perimeter of a room using nails or staples. It is important when securing trim pieces that you don’t touch the groove which is often located on the inner corner of each piece. This groove helps ensure a tight fit when two adjoining pieces are put together.

Is it possible to install quarter round without using baseboard?

To fix a crack in your wall, you can use a quarter round. A quarter round is a small molding that sits at floor level. It attaches to the bottom of the baseboard and then continues up the side of your wall.

You can use it to conceal any cracks behind it as long as they aren’t evident to someone who is looking at the quarter round. This kind of molding can give your room a simple but effective touch of decoration.

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