How to open a door without a knob

How to open a door without a knob. Opening a door without a doorknob can be done, but it can be tricky. To get the job done, one has to use some common tools that usually come in handy during miscellaneous housework.

Having to open a door without the doorknob is often just as simple as disengaging and removing the latch mechanism by disengaging its lock. A strike plate is a flat piece of metal that holds a latch in place so that it can secure the door shut when closed.

One must also know what this strike plate looks like and where on the frame it’s affixed so they may remove or disengage this lock-shaped object and willfully separate themselves from whatever compels them to remain inside or out of the room completely.

How to open a door without a knobopen a door without a knob

People often don’t realize that there are actually a lot of things you can do to unlock a door that is much less destructive than attempting to break the lock.

The main thing is: don’t panic. Think about what you have in your own home, office, or car that might be useful to get the job done.

For example, did you know there are simple locksmith tools like bobby pins and credit cards used commonly for situations like these?

Perhaps what you need is already available around you so don’t get intimidated by the idea of breaking it down. There’s an easier way.

Removing out the hinge pins

Placing a flat steel chisel beneath the lip of the upper door hinge pin, pound it with a hammer at an angle until the hinge pin comes loose.

The hinge pins are thin rods that hold the two halves of the hinge together so that they can rotate around one another when you open or close the door. Place a round steel punch with a ¼ inch tip inside of the channel below the lower hinge pin.

Then tap it upward with a hammer to pry out the hinge pin. Now you can pull out both of these pins and begin removing your door from the jamb side first by pulling out its latch, then pulling out its hinges after which you’re ready to start over.

Apply a credit card to a spring lockapply a credit card to a spring lock

While it won’t work for some types of deadbolts, it will work for those that have a spring lock. Don’t worry if it breaks, grab one that’s cheap.

Plastic cards that are flexible work well. Place it flush against the frame between the lock and the frame. Bend it backwards to force the lock back into the door, which will open it.

If there’s nothing to bend with grab another card or put it in between the door and frame above then swipe quickly downward while angling the card toward the frame.

The closer to a 90-degree angle you can get to go from your hand reaching over the top of your head down to where your hand is this card almost flapping open we find much better results come from here.

Using a flat-head screwdriver

Look for a vertical latch that sticks out of the door jamb on the doorknob side. To gently pry open the latch, insert the tip of a flat-head screwdriver into this hole and twist toward the hinge side of the door.

Place two fingers into the hole in which you would normally insert your doorknob but instead use them to push or pull on the doorknob until it releases from where it was locked in place.

Using a Putty knife

The crack in the door can be seen if you look through it. Use a putty knife to pry the latch out of its hole in the door jamb, which you can see if you look closely between the floor and the bottom of the door. Pivot the putty knife inward toward the middle of the door.

This will help you get leverage on everything. While using your fingers to pull outward from inside, continue to apply steady force on one side of the latch mechanism with your putty knife until it begins to retract from its place in its hole in the door jamb.

Maintain pulling outward when there is a gradual slope that points away from this area since this will keep everything else moving with no resistance so as not to set off an alarm or break your tool.

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