How To Propagate Umbrella Plant

How To Propagate Umbrella Plant. The umbrella plant does well in tropical areas, which makes it an excellent plant for sunny terraces and balconies that have a pleasant climate.

It should be taken into consideration that this plant grows vigorously and can reach up to 24 feet tall at maturity, so ideally it only be grown as part of careful garden planning. The umbrella plant also enjoys filtered light.

Thus a shady spot also helps the plant to produce more flowers than usual. This has been noted by observing tropical lilies close by to the Schefflera actinophylla in gardens with high humidity and filtered light.

How To Propagate Umbrella Plant

how to propagate umbrella plant

We will discuss here how umbrella plants can be propagated.

Propagating Umbrella Plants By Cutting Stems

Using stem cuttings, we will explain how to propagate umbrella plants.

1. Fill up a small container using well-draining potting soil and water only to give it the consistency of damp beach sand. Place it inside a larger container and fill the remaining space with water until they both achieve an even balance.

2. The plant with the strongest growth should be chosen for your potted plant. Remove the lower leaflets from the stem after cutting 6 inches long. Make a small hole about 2-3 inches deep into the wet soil at the same depth as the stem, using a pen or chopstick.

3. Cut the end of the stem off, then dip it into the rooting hormone. Now put your cuttings in a pot that has drainage holes in the bottom and make sure it is well-drained soil.

Take some plastic wrap and try to cover all of the leaflets gently but securely so that air doesn’t get in, yet water can still drain. Be sure to secure it around the edges with a rubber band or a zip tie.

4. Keep the cutting away from direct sunlight and place it in a warm place with bright indirect light. Allow the soil to breathe and the leaves to breathe every day or so when removing the pot from its bag.

Try to keep the soil evenly moist at all times. You may see wiggle room within your pot as you watch the new growth for signs that roots are growing.

Propagating Umbrella Plants By Air Layering

Using air layering, we will explain how to propagate umbrella plants.

1. The leaves of coleus should be on top and bottom of the stem with other greenery around the stem.

2. Around the stem, you can cut about halfway through the plant’s outer layer or remove most of it in a ring about one inch in diameter.

3. Wrap what remains of the stem in damp sphagnum moss and tape it shut with plastic to make sure everything stays airtight.

4. Roots should appear within one to two months; at that point, you must cut off the stem below the moss wrapping and transplant your coleus into its own container.


What is the rooting time of umbrella plants in water?

Cuttings can be used for propagating Schefflera over and over again. Applying growth hormone to cuttings, keeping them in water, and placing them in a shady environment will promote quick root development.

You will have rooted cuttings ready to be potted after about 6 weeks. Within 3-4 months of propagation, you’ll have a full new plant.

How come my umbrella plant is dying?

Temperatures between 50 and 100 F are ideal for Schefflera. If you let your plants get too much heat, they will droop and eventually die.

Lack of insulation and inability to cope with temperature decreases are also factors that make tropical plants like the Schefflera susceptible to low temperatures.

Final Word

It can be a challenge to learn how to propagate umbrella plants, and it’s not hard to make mistakes in the process of creating success. It may take some trial and error, but you will be mindful of your efforts in the end.

Remember that propagation can take anywhere between a full month and as long as 6 months, depending on the method chosen to develop plants from seeds or cuttings.

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