How To Remove A Fireplace Insert

How To Remove A Fireplace Insert. Many people use a wood-burning fireplace insert as a way to eliminate the expense of heating their houses during the colder months, but sometimes there is difficulty in getting it out when it’s time for maintenance.

Oftentimes these inserts will be attached with screws or bolts which will make for easy removal of fireplace insert if you have the right tools.

If you don’t want to hire someone else to do your dirty work, though, and would like to take it upon yourself then using these tools may be able to help as well.

How To Remove A Fireplace Insertremove a fireplace insert

In this article, we explain fireplace insert.

Removing Trim

Use a hammer to remove the trim around the fireplace insert. Remove all of the materials that create a border surrounding this part of the fireplace.

This includes brick, rockwork, drywall and even framing material if you need to. You may have to use a crowbar in order to pry off some framing material as well if it is not easy for you to pull apart by hand.

Removing Nails Holding

To remove excess flashing or any metal pieces attached to your insert, first, remove the nails holding it to the framing.

Inserts are attached to the framing typically with nails and sometimes they have flashing, which is a metal piece not part of the insert itself that overlaps around the wood framing.

Disassemble Insert Pieces

Unplug and disassemble any pipes and vents connected to the fireplace insert. The piece will be lighter. And you can move it easier.

Remove anything that can be removed with a wrench before moving a fireplace insert, taking care to avoid anything attached to existing elements such as pipes and vents with nuts, bolts, or other types of hardware.

Use the crowbar to pry out the insert. It may weigh up to 250 lbs. As a result of the insert settling into place, you may need to start loosening it from any nearby objects like bricks or stones with a crowbar.

Placing Thick Carpet

When emptying your fireplace, place a thick carpet or rug over the floor in front of the hearth. When you burn material inside the ceramic or stone insert, it can get very hot, so it’s best to spread some protective layer on the floor before you move it.

Wiggle The Insert

Wiggle the insert down onto the rug. Lay a piece of carpet or old rug over the fence rails so it’s aligned to your liking on the floor of the cage. Slowly but surely pull out and let it fall onto the carpeted area you cut out in advance.

Move The Insert

The carpet can be slid across the floor to move the insert. This method will work the best if you have hardwood flooring, although you might need help lifting it over a raised sill when it has to be moved out the door.

Block The Vent

If you don’t plan to use the fireplace, block off the vent. Cover the opening with plywood or sheet metal and attach it with screws. To ensure that your chimney is in good working order, you can purchase a fire cap.


Is it possible to remove the surround from a fireplace insert?

You must first chip away at the plaster around the edge of the mantelpiece to start removing a fireplace surround. Once the lugs are exposed you can remove the surround.

If there are any screws behind or inside the surround that are also connected to its frame, you can remove them with a screwdriver.

Do you know if you can remove a fireplace on your own?

Removing a fireplace can be dangerous, but you sure can do it yourself. There are many reasons why you would want to remove the fireplace.

The usual reasons for replacing your fireplace, like remodeling your kitchen, or simply no longer needing it, may be valid.

Final Words

To remove a fireplace insert, first, use extreme caution and safety. Afterward, put your tools to work by knowing how to remove the fireplace insert and save yourself quite a bit of trouble. First, identify the materials you’ll need to succeed at this project. The most important material is removal tools.

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