How To Remove Door Handle Without Screws

How To Remove Door Handle Without Screws. Door handles are frequently used as a modern replacement for traditional doorknobs that are found on many locksets. These handles can be made of a variety of styles and finishes that are complementary to different people’s decorating tastes or preferences.

Most homeowners will find that these devices are easy to remove in such instances as if they happen to break or get damaged significantly at one point.

There is also an option of being able to easily swap out your door handle with a new style should you desire to change the appearance of your interior design on occasion.

How To Remove Door Handle Without Screwsremove door handle without screws

Taking the door handle off without screws is what we discuss in this article.

Inspect Recessed Slot

If there are no visible screws on your door and you don’t see a small hole where the screw or lever connects at its neck, check the screw or lever for a recessed slot.

If one is present, you can use a paperclip to pop out a small button or loosen a small screw inside of it with the end of the clip in order to release the handle.

Depressing Button

If there are no screws holding your door screw in place, the latch may be sticking, so gently depress the button with a thin tool to open it.

If you can’t seem to find a screw and you don’t see one inside of the hole at the end of the screw, try straightening out a paper clip and inserting it into this slot as you ease the cylinder out of its hole.

Removing Recessed Screwremoving recessed screw

You may have to remove a recessed screw that is out of reach. If you spot a regular or Phillips head screw, grab the right-sized screwdriver to remove it.

Back the screw out in an L shape to free up the handle and remove it.

Using Allen Wrench

If you encounter a hexagonal head screw, use an Allen wrench. To remove this type of screw, first, insert the wrench into the slot at a 90-degree angle to the screw.

While keeping it still, turn the wrench counterclockwise in one continuous motion until the screw comes loose and can be lifted out. As a result, the door handle is successfully removed.


A privacy lock on a door must be removed in order to remove the handle.

A small slot can be found along with one of the doorknob stems. You will need a flat-head screwdriver for this task. By pushing up on the point of the screwdriver, you will be able to release the locking tab. Pull upward on one of the doorknobs and spin-off from its door frame.

Can’t take the door handle off?

When you can’t see a screw head in the slot, use an awl or straighten a paperclip. Paperclips or tools should be inserted into the slot and then gently pulled away from the door. You will be able to remove everything behind the door once you have sprung the door mechanism with the tool or paperclip.

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