How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

How To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt. Just after moving into a new home, there may be some things that need to be replaced or installed, including door locks.

Oftentimes, deadbolt door locks like those made by Kwikset can be removed with only a few simple tools after everything has been removed from one’s door, or they can be replaced simply with a spanner.

You can rekey the old lock or replace it with a design that fits your personality instead of redoing the deadbolt once it has been removed.

How To Remove Kwikset Deadboltremove kwikset deadbolt

Our purpose here is to discuss about remove a Kwikset deadbolt.

Steps To Remove Kwikset Deadbolt

1. When removing a deadbolt from the door frame, it is best to brace or prop open the door so as not to leave any dent marks.

2. To secure a door lock to the mounting plate, use the medium-long screwdriver with a straight blade, supplied in the kit. Unscrew the two screws using this terminal tool which are found on the inside or interior side of your door locking mechanism.

3. This will prevent them from becoming lost as you disassemble, and also ensure that you do not accidentally lose it later on when reinstalling it back into place.

4. Place your finger between the interior and exterior parts of the lock. The two screws for mounting on the interior side should be removed while holding the two pieces separately.
5. The location of these screws can be found on the backside of your door along with a set of instructions from a professional locksmith.
6. Release your hold on both sides and remove one of the deadbolt pieces with its mounting plate attached. Remove it completely and set it in a safe place.
7. With a screwdriver, take out the two screws that secure the point at which your door striker is attached to the frame of your entryway. Slide-out the door striker so that it’s farther away from your door and near you, then remove these two screws.
8. In order to remove this plate, you may need to free up some leverage space by taking out two mounting screws around just behind where it used to be.

What is the proper way to remove a Kwikset faceplate?

Using a flat-head screwdriver, carefully pry outward with gentle pressure from the notch or under the edge of the faceplate. By pulling outward along the lever shaft, the plate will come loose from the interior mounting ring.

What is the procedure for removing a Kwikset cover?

Using a Phillips screwdriver, you can remove the back cover. The first step is to locate 3 screws that are visible beneath the back of the door right away.

Once you have located them, you need only unscrew them and remove the door cover completely by sliding them up and off.

What is the procedure for changing a Kwikset lock?

The original, functional key must be inserted and turned 1/4 clockwise to re-key the lock. Next, insert and remove the Smart Key learn the tool, which has been left disconnected on the wall side of the device.

Insert a new/blank key and turn it 1/2 of a turn counter-clockwise after removing the original. Congratulations, you have re-keyed your lock.

How to Remove a Kwikset Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

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