How to remove kwikset door handle

How to remove kwikset door handle. The standard Kwikset door handle is much like any other entry door handle.

When it comes time to replace the locks on your home, removing the Kwikset door handle will be a straightforward process.

You can rekey Kwikset door handles as well, which is a good thing when you have to key all of your various doors in such a way that they’re aligned with each other.

The method by which you remove a Kwikset door handle will depend on whether you want to remove the entire assembly or just the handle itself.

How to remove Kwikset door handle

In order to remove a Kwikset door handle, one must first use a paperclip to press the locking pin that holds the stem together and pull the handle out.

After this has occurred, remove the inside faceplate, then pull out both sides of the handle, after which you can take out the latch plate.

Finally, tug on the assembly away from the door, and finally remove the strike plate.

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Only Remove the knob

Locate a small hole on the knob sleeve located between the back of the knob and the door. Straighten a paperclip into a long, thin piece of metal like a nail.

Insert the paperclip into the hole until you feel some resistance. The resistance is likely to be felt where there’s a locking pin that holds how your doorknob attaches to the stem.

Press down on the paperclip in order to depress the locking pin so that you can pull off your doorknob from its stem whenever you’re ready.

Remove the Entire Assembly

Open the door and ensure that you have access to the sides of the door you are removing the old doorknob from.

Remove the decorative faceplate on the inside of the doorknob by unscrewing it from its place on each side using a Philips screwdriver.

Using your fingers, pull back on both sides of the doorknob simultaneously while pulling it away from and off of your door.

Sometimes in this case, rather than using a screwdriver or pliers to help pop out rivets pinning pieces together in addition to wrenches, it’s easier just to use what works best for you.

Insert a flathead screwdriver between one side of your latch assembly and where it has broken away

from its original place beneath your door’s protective casing and pry it up enough so that you can pull on part of it with your fingers until you manage to get all pieces out of their respective places on your door’s frame.

How do you remove a Kwikset lever door handle without screws?

To remove a Kwikset lever door handle without screws, give the handle a jiggle to loosen the lock.

Then use a flathead screwdriver to release the thumb piece, and move it to expose the lever assembly.

Once this is done, simply lift up on the lever while turning it counter-clockwise to open the door.

How do you remove a Kwikset faceplate?

Using a flat-head screwdriver or prying tool such as the Orbit Putty Knife, insert it into the small opening between the faceplate and interior mounting ring on either side of the power button.

Gently pry outward with a little pressure until you feel the faceplate snap loose from its mounting.

At this point, using your hands, gently pull the faceplate off in opposite directions along the rectangular shaft where it’s mounted to completely remove it.

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