How To Remove Paint From Decking Wood

How To Remove Paint From Decking Wood. You can decorate wood in your home in many different ways from adding some wallpaper or using a paintbrush and new color.

However, if you want to make sure the woods are correctly decorated, it’s important to understand which method is going to work for your specific need.

If you have splatters of lacquered nail polish on your wooden bowl or spots where someone misspelled something on your TV surround, learning how to remove old lacquer might be of use.

How To Remove Paint From Decking Woodremove paint from decking wood

We will discuss here how we can remove paint from decking wood.

Step 1: Prepare  Your Material

Before starting this project, make sure you have all of the necessary components to complete it.

It is important that you have all of the tools needed for attending to your deckings such as a nail remover, bristle brush, and sander so as not to damage your decking.

After you have gathered all of your materials, begin stripping away the paint from your deck with a paint scraper.

Step 2: Get Your Decking Ready

It would be a good idea to remove any stuff in order to first secure your deck board. Clean any boards that need some fixing once you take apart the whole thing.

Scrub the surface of your decking with water and a broom to clear it off potential bugs. Get rid of all of the excess dirt by rinsing your decking with hot water.

Dry the top of any deck board after you’ve done this and use a power washer or just simply tap it with a hose in case there are bigger obstacles like stains on it.

Step 3: Paint Removerpaint remover

Sand your decking board with either a sander or sandpaper. Eradicate any flaking paint or splinters in the decking with sandpaper.

To begin, you can start off slowly by first using an orbital sander, particularly if the wood is not already in place.

However, if the wood in fact lies flat on the surface, then hand sanders will suffice. If deformed pieces exist, however, then use a medium grit belt sander to level out the surface.

Once removing all of the surface paint using a medium grit sander as well, smooth out the boards using a fine grit sander.

Step 4: Allow To Dry After Rinsing

It’s important to keep conditioning the surface of your deck. It should retain a natural look due to being waxed or top coat.

Old decks should consider sanding since this will help remove any build-up that may have occurred over time. If you want your deck to look newer, it’s important to clean it after each stripping process.

There are ways for old decks to be polished and make them look even better than before make sure you use proper active cleaning agents.

Make sure that all wood is dry before you seal them. For new wood, we recommend brushing them down with water and then following that with an application of a general-purpose cleaner wood brightener on top of removing the dirt, old coatings, and grime on top using a pressure washer or a squeegee. Always remember to use caution when working around electrical appliances.


What’s the quickest way to get paint off a deck?

The paint comes off quite easily. Two layers of old paint come off after 10 minutes. Use a thicker layer of paint stripper, and wait for it to work for about 30 minutes. Scrub with a stiff-bristled brush to get as much of the old paint and layer of paint stripper off now that the surface can be penetrated more easily.

Is it possible to remove paint from wood using vinegar?

Vinegar is another ingredient you may not have thought of to help remove paint from wood, but it’s milder than chemical paint strippers.

However, it may take a bit longer to strip the paint all the way off the surface by using vinegar since it may just soften it up rather than remove it.


You should work carefully when it comes to sanding paint off of decking boards. You must clean your deck before taking any action. Afterward, you can use a sander to remove the paint from the wood.

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