How to remove stickers from wood

How to remove stickers from wood. Wood Furniture does not have to be difficult to maintain. As long as you regularly dust and clean it, wood furniture and surfaces will look pretty nice over time.

If you’ve paid for a wood piece of furniture and there’s a sticker on the surface when you take it home or if someone has applied a label to your wood surface, picking and removing the sticker can be a tricky business.

Fortunately, there are many tricks of the trade to help make the process simpler so that your fancy new prize can look pristine once again in no time at all.

How to remove stickers from woodremove stickers from wood

Soak a cloth in white vinegar and lay it over the sticker. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before attempting to scrape it off gently.

Again, if the adhesive is stubborn in that area pry back another inch with a scraper and continue soaking and scraping the surface if needed.

Finish with a wipe-down of wood polish on both sides of the piece. If possible try to use something like mineral oil or tung oil instead of wood polish as they will not darken your work as much after multiple uses.

However, you can always try out one layer first, then upgrade to whichever you prefer (or even do all three!).

Using white vinegar to remove

Get a clean cloth, not just any but one that’s absorbent like a dish towel or other piece of cloth. Soak it in white vinegar. Place it over the stickers for about five minutes.

Take care to watch how dry it is, and remember to use common sense when using household products. Once you know that the moistened dish rag has dried out sufficiently remove the paper from wood with fingernails Gently remove stickers still left without any residue, again by using your fingernails.

If there are persistent residues available you can repeat the process again but this time with more scrubbing.

Using a blow-dryer

To get rid of these pesky stickers on your wooden furniture, there’s nothing more irritating than to be stuck repeatedly with a cheese grater, and not getting very far.

Our new method is sure to help you remove these stickers we think it’s much more efficient and time-saving.

Gather your blow dryer and have it ready by heating the sticker from a safe distance on low heat, approximately two to three inches upward from the surface at least 15 seconds for each treatment.

Use caution as this will most likely lift off any varnish, stain, or polish that may have been applied to the surface.

However, for optimum removal in our testing, we found that heating for ten minutes twice a day is best. If necessary you can repeat the heating process until all residue has been removed from the surface.

Using an iron

Soak the rag in water and apply liberally on the wood’s surface where there are adhesive stickers. Once this has had time to soak into the wood and soften any unwanted adhesive residue, take a hot iron (no steam) and run it over the area where you placed the wet rag.

Be careful not to burn yourself, since we are dealing with very high temperatures. Continue to run your hot iron over the same place until all the sticky residue from the sticker has been removed and you’re left with fresh wood beneath that has been protected by the rag used while extracting it.

Other Tips and Tricks

This hack can be used for most things in life. It’s best to start by using it on your pencils (the rubber surface will effectively roll the sticky residue away) but this can work with a number of surfaces from tile, cloth, and even glass! Surprisingly, peanut butter works on removing sticky residue from wooden or glass surfaces.

Just dab this on the residue area, let it sit for a while then wipe it off with a clean rag. If you prefer something more natural, putting one to two drops of canola oil instead of peanut butter is also an option that’ll do the trick as well when dealing with sticky situations.

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