How to remove stucco walls

How to remove stucco walls. When remodeling your home, you may come across a situation where you will need to remove painted stucco from interior walls.

These types of walls can be textured and painted using vegetable-based paint, resulting in a high-quality product.

Removing this type of stucco is similar to removing faux stucco or plaster, but without the difficulty factor since they are not as thick as exterior ones.

How to remove stucco wallsremove stucco walls (2)

To remove stucco walls, add 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts water in the container. If more stain removal is desired, add a heaping teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent to the solution.

Put solution into a spray bottle and apply to the affected area with a sponge brush by hand or machine. Scrub stucco or cement wall vigorously with a wire brush.

Continue pouring on the solution until all of the stuccoes are removed from the surface.

Preparation of room

As you’re eager to get started, it’s tempting to simply run in and start working. But don’t make that mistake. We recommend following the keystone tenet of preparation by removing unnecessary belongings from one’s project site.

For example, moving furniture out of the way is a great step to starting this task better than the average pro.

And remember, it’s not just about moving furniture, but covering up as much of the area as possible with plastic sheeting or drop cloths.

You must score the stucco

Score the stucco by snapping a chalk line every 3 feet from the floor to the ceiling. Then use a 4″ flat trowel to gouge parallel lines through the topcoat of stucco and down into the base coat spreading mortar.

Repeat this process until you’ve completed one section at a time, feathering out excess mortar with each successive pass over the wall. Clean off any excess mortar with a scrap of lumber after each pass.

Spray all surfaces of the stuccospray all surfaces of the stucco

Spray water directly on the stucco. It’s not recommended to spray the surface of your stucco with a pressure washer or any other high-pressured water equipment because doing so could damage the structure behind it.

Spray lightly and evenly, focusing on areas you felt had more pop than others when you made vertical scores with your hammer and chisel. Take a break from spraying every five minutes and don’t do it for more than 15 minutes at a time.

The area must be damp but not soaking wet as this could lead to mold building in small cracks that develop due to the difference in temperature between the inside of your home and exterior. Be sure you keep an eye on the weather.

Finally, stick a toothpick into any holes that are found around cracks, corners, areas, and edges where pieces of old stucco have broken away from the rest and are missing near your siding and trim work before applying new stucco to prevent any concrete from leaking through cracks onto supports beneath it while drying.

Set the blade in the score marks

The blade should go in one of the score marks, and the handle should be angled 30 degrees away from the wall. Tap the handle gently under the stucco layer with a rubber mallet to get it started.

More stubborn stucco can be removed by hand or with a scraper. In order to prevent the loosening area from drying out, apply water to it.

How do you remove stucco from a concrete wall?

When removing stucco from a concrete or stone walkway, it’s important to wear some sort of eye protection at the very least, but we would also recommend wearing some elbow pads.

Hold the hammer with one hand, then quickly position the bubbler on top of the stucco spot but make sure you position it centered and don’t wiggle it around too much.

Once you’re in position and ready to begin, tap the chisel head hard a few times until the stucco chunk breaks apart.

Do you have to remove stucco before siding?

Due to its thickness, cement stucco does not allow walls to dry out once they get wet, which can cause rot in framing and sheathing. When siding is installed over existing stucco, we cannot detect rot underneath.

How To Remove Stucco – DIY

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