How to remove wax from hardwood floor

How to remove wax from hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are a popular choice of flooring because they add warmth and beauty to any room.

Wax is a great topcoat that can help protect the natural beauty of hardwood floors while prolonging their life by providing a thin layer of protection from moisture and other sources of dirt.

However, over time waxes might become dull as they collect surface dirt and other types of debris. To easily remove wax buildup all you need is some elbow grease but in case you don’t have those around your home, try using these easy-to-find products.

How to remove wax from hardwood floorremove wax from hardwood floor

Most floor waxes are made from animal, vegetable, or mineral oils. This so-called floor finish prevents wood from warping and cracking by repelling moisture. The finish provides only limited protection to wood floors.

To keep them in good shape, the finish must be reapplied frequently to prevent it from becoming a sticky layer.

It is possible that this accumulation with time will drastically affect the look and quality of your hardwood floors, which may tempt you to hire a refinisher just to spruce them up.

It is not as difficult as it sounds to remove old wax from wood floors since you only need plenty of patience and a few special products.

Use Mineral Spirits & a Soft Cloth to clean

Start by tearing a small section of cloth and dipping it into the mineral spirits. Now, rub the section of wood in the same direction as its grain.

As you rub, you’ll notice that the piece is starting to get cleaner and cleaner this means that all the wax has been removed from the area that you’re working on so far.

Continue rubbing in the same area until it’s completely clean then move onto another section of wood just a few inches away from where you were previously pouring mineral spirits onto.

Apply Mineral oil and Steel Wool

Apply a small amount of mineral oil to an old cloth or rag and spread it over the top of the area to be treated. Wipe up the excess.

While working as quickly as possible, dip a piece of steel wool into mineral oil and rub briefly against the spot for about five seconds.

Wipe off excess mineral oil and lightly coat with furniture polish. Aside from waxing floors, you can do away with other pesky cleaning tasks by applying just a dab of “liquid gold”.

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Once you’ve stripped away the floor wax with some mineral oil and a cloth, you can move on to the next section.

Make sure you keep things as organized and straightforward as possible when moving across your floors it’ll make it much easier if you need to move on to another part of the property or come back again later because everything will be ordered by area.

Thicker knee pads or garden cushions will do wonders for protecting your joints from strain and rattling apart.

Using hot water as a mopusing hot water as a mop

The floor should be mopped with hot water after being stripped of wax in order to remove wax buildup. Make sure you dry any remaining water, as standing water can easily damage hardwood floors.

You can use a paper towel or tissue to blot up any moisture that cannot be removed by using a cloth. Solar heat is another great way to dry wood floors.

If you want to dry certain small areas that have difficulty drying after mopping, you can buy mirrors that reflect sunlight and place them strategically around or under furniture.

Flooring refinishing

Although we recommend using a high-quality beeswax polish, you may want to consider using a different type of finish that offers better protection like a coat of polyurethane varnish.

It is vital that you ensure the type of surface you are working with and the materials you use when applying the wax haven’t been coated with another varnish or sealant since it can cause peeling.

Make sure all surfaces are cool to touch before starting. You don’t want any steam to rise while applying your clay bar or other products on your floor as this can ruin existing coatings that may be in place.

You should also work in an area where there is enough ventilation as candles will release vapors that form from burning paraffin.

Although re-applying the wax frequently won’t do any harm, leaving it for too long can cause build-up after several layers have accumulated causing the floors to feel bumpy instead of smooth and glossy.

Commercial wax removal

While there are wax removers out there that can do multiple jobs with ease, you need to make sure the one you choose will safely remove the wax from your hardwood floors.

While many types of vinyl, linoleum, and tile floor makers create this kind of product for their specific floors, be sure that any wax removal product you obtain is an extra tough one.

Made specifically for wood or it could end up doing more harm than good, especially since wood is known for being sensitive to extreme temperatures on top of being tough enough to last a lifetime.

How to remove wax from hardwood floors

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