How to restring a weed wacker

How to restring a weed wacker. Make sure your strings of weed wacker are in good shape. Many people often take their string for granted, but they’re important because they are the difference between making it or breaking it when you’re battling and working with weeds, hard objects, and an abundance of high grass.

The normal wear and tear on your machine’s strings will eventually make them so thin that they’re no longer able to do their job effectively.

Luckily, this is yet another part of a weed wacker that’s pretty much universal across the board so you can usually pop in a pre-strung spool or get replacements from your local home improvement center if need be.

How to restring a weed wackerrestring a weed wacker

Using a weed wacker can be a struggle, especially if you’re not an expert with them, to begin with. One of the biggest struggles is trying to wind the string back into its spool while it’s empty whenever you run out of the living room to work on.

All one needs to do once they are finished trimming their lawn is twist and lock the handle when the string runs out simply run the machine around until it is properly rewound and you’ll have no trouble using it again.

Removing the unit

Remove the bottom unit of a weed wacker. This is usually where the string is kept and it usually comes right off when you twist it, but sometimes you might have to give it a good push or two to get it to come off.

Trim weed wacker string

Trim all the excess string from your weed wacker until you have 10 feet of usable length. Take one end of the string and feed it through both halves of the holding unit at the center to anchor it firmly.

Now take up both sides of the string and tie them tightly together in a knot to secure it around the front end of your handle.

Leave one end long enough to reach over 6 inches before tying it together while leaving the other side long enough only to reach 2 inches before tying it together, like so.

Remove the weed wacker strings

Use your fingers to pull and adjust your weed wacker’s strings and make sure they’re both facing in the same direction so that your trimmer is properly adjusted and ready for use.

Hold your finger against the plastic guide when doing this to prevent it from moving around as you work.

Hold one string with your thumb

Place both of your index fingers on the strings. Press down with your thumb and middle finger, holding them like you’re playing an instrument.

Hold it tightly enough so that you don’t slip, but not too tightly to cut off circulation. Lightly push in a clockwise direction keeping your fingers between the strings and gently wind the string around the spool.

Wind the string on the weed wacker

Wind the weed wacker around the unit and pull it as taut you can. Then, tie one piece of string in a super tight knot around it so that it forms a slipknot. Form your thumb and index finger into fists and stick them through the loop.

Hold on to both strings with your hands the way you would hold onto the reins of a horse while you are riding bareback. Make sure they don’t get too slippery.

Then, put your fists through both notches on the sides of the holding unit just like passing through a pair of regular reins while riding a horse. Just make sure any loose strings stay within reach as removal time comes soon.

Place each string through a hole

Line up the weed wacker’s bottom with the holes located on the side of its groove holder, where it will fit inside.

Insert the string through holes and cut a full string piece by pressing “String” on your Weed wacker 3200 or 4000 to stop or pause cutting when the desired length is manifested.

Repeat for all three strings; Press down on the handle unit to lock it into place should each string remain secured and in place once re-inserted (re-check to make sure the string is secured and then begin working).

If the weed wacker’s holding unit is not attached properly, repeat these steps until completion so that you can begin working without delay,

Once all three strings are in the proper place and secure, your weed eater holder will remain locked into position for use.

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