How to roll a towel

How to roll a towel. Ever wondered why hotels make their bedsheets and towels look so darn perfect? We have your answer. It’s not just the brand, it’s actually how they fold them.

To get that crisp, neat look at home, you’ll have to ditch the way you’ve always folded your towels ever since you were a little kid.

So grab that towel, towel-fold no more, and use these easy rolling methods to display a fresh towel in an organized fashion so that it is elegantly ready for use when called upon.

Make sure all of your bath towels are neatly stacked using our rolling methods so as to give your bathroom that elegant hotel feels.

How to roll a towel

how to roll a towel

If you prefer to store your towels on a shelf, cabinet, or in a very organized way perhaps on rods, rolls are the best way to go. One way you can do this is by rolling them from one side to the other.

Another option that sometimes works is rolling them from the opposite side to the other but if you’re going for style and luxury then we suggest limiting yourself to only one roll per towel so it doesn’t end up looking super cheesy/small.

Using the classic hotel rolling method

Begin by spreading your bath towels out on a flat surface. Set folded-ends to the left and right. Repeat with another end of a towel.

Fold in half from each end so that you see the other side’s folds underneath it. These folds should be relatively centered, but not lined up exactly with one another for visual interest/good flow/groove when displayed later on.

Now we have 6 sections, or slots, where your stacked display will go. Fold your stack, from top to bottom, into thirds. This can be done easily by simply creating one big fold across the entire length of all those stacked towels.

Last, pick up the first third and fold it over the last third (creating an x-shape with both ends slightly overlapping). Smooth out surface, set aside in a “sales-ready” pile, and repeat until the product is completed.

Wear-reducing rolling Technique

Make sure to optimize storage and minimize overtime wear of your bath towels by employing the towel folding method that is best for proper storage.

To start, fold your long bath towels in half lengthwise. Now fold these same long towels in half widthwise, placing the short ends together.

Now do this a third time width-wise for a nice, thick, soft square shape that is easy to stack and compact when it comes to storage space.

This may seem like a lot of steps but in reality, it should only take you five minutes to complete the entire task – and trust us…it’s worth the effort.

Using a spa-style rolling technique

using a spa style rolling technique

For a fancy-looking towel arrangement, roll the towels up tightly by following these steps: Lay out one of the folded towels onto a flat surface.

Take one corner of the towel and bring it toward the center so that its edges line up with the edges on either side of it. After you have done this, fold the towel in half lengthwise as you would if you were giving yourself a hug.

The point where you began to make your diagonal fold will be at one end of the towel. With this end on top again, flip over so that the folded edge is now at the bottom.

Tightly roll up starting from beside where you started making your diagonal fold to meet with another side opposite of where you originally were holding it.

Using your fingers, but mainly your palms and arms (it may take some practice), roll upward and downward until all sides are neatly tucked in and there are no unravelings or loose towels peeking out.

Apply the towel bar rolling method

This classic technique is ideal for hanging bathroom towels. This will leave the towels easily accessible, so it’s easy to quickly grab one and drape it across a towel bar in one smooth motion.

A few things to consider here are:

To fold your towel properly, we recommend doing these easy steps: First, fold your towel in thirds lengthwise. Second, fold the long end on top of itself.

Then bring the short end over to the center and tuck it underneath the second layer. You’ll have a neatly folded towel that will dry you off and be easy to grab.

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