How to tell if a thermal fuse is blown

How to tell if a thermal fuse is blown. A thermal fuse is an essential safety component in any electrical appliance that must be replaced if it is melted. The thermal fuse usually consists of two wires inside a ceramic or glass container.

If the temperature within the device gets too high, the two wires become separated, thus interrupting the flow of electricity to and from the heating element.

Many homeowners discover their fuses are damaged after using the equipment for several weeks because it takes time for the heating elements to reach their original state.

For this reason, we ask you not to use this appliance until you have replaced your broken thermal fuse with a new one bought off of eBay or Amazon. Fortunately, replacing a thermal fuse does not require much training if you follow our guide.

How to tell if a thermal fuse is blowntell if a thermal fuse is blown

Test a thermal fuse by touching the right lead of your multimeter to the right side of the fuse and the left lead of your multimeter to the left side of the same fuse. In this situation, it means that a thermal fuse needs to be replaced.

First Step

Before you start testing your appliance, make sure it’s unplugged from its electricity source. If there’s a gas valve on your appliance, you should also turn that off.

Next, look for the thermal fuse (sometimes located within or behind the rear panel) and make sure that none of the electrical wirings is damaged or frayed and that there are no exposed burn marks.

If your appliance has been dropped recently, check for any visible damage to the motor or motherboard before proceeding.

Disconnect the thermal fuse

To test whether or not your thermal fuse is working, you will need to remove it from the appliance in which you think your thermal fuse has blown.

Please consult the user manual for that product to determine where the thermal fuse is situated. Often times if a user finds it difficult to access the fuse itself, they can call a technician who will be able to easily fix their device by replacing the thermal fuse without damaging any components.

Set your multimeterset your multimeter

Thermal fuses are a very important instrument to have in your possession as a motorist.

They serve as your security net should you experience an issue during high-powered, speeding, or overly gritty driving through some kind of terrain.

When the fuse is removed and you need to replace the fuse, begin by checking if there is a continuous electrical current present at this junction point by turning the multimeter on low which shows the lowest range, which is Ohms of resistance.

Connect the leads to the terminals

Connect the black lead to one of the fuse’s terminals. Take the red and black leads and connect them to one of the terminals.

If your meter reads anything but zero, then this means there is currently flowing through the fuse, indicating a lack of open circuit between the two terminals, making it seem as though you’re out of luck and will need to check into other problems.

But suppose there is no significant change in multimeter readings when you remove the leads and reapply them to their terminals. In that case, your thermostat has a broken fuse that must be replaced immediately.

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