How To Tie Curtains That Are Too Long

How To Tie Curtains That Are Too Long. If you’ve accidentally bought curtains that are a little too long, here’s a great option instead of having to replace them.

Get another rod and hang the curtain on top of the one you already have, which is effectively turning your set into a double curtain window treatment.

It’ll give you more privacy, extra room-darkening options and keep draughts at bay. If that wasn’t enough, you get the added benefit of being able to see outside clearly, so you don’t feel like you’re in a cave.

How To Tie Curtains That Are Too Long

Drape clear monofilament or twine over the pole, centralized directly above etie curtains that are too longach panel and then dangle the ends of the rope to tie back height or much higher or lower, as desired. Wrap one end around your chosen material, hoist up to the desired height, and then fix the look by tying together both ends of the string.

We will discuss here steps’ how we can tie curtains that are too long.

Method 1: Reposition The Rod

Moving your curtain rod up is the greatest way to shorten your curtains without hemming them.

The ideal rod placement is one-third of the distance between your ceiling and the top of your window frame, but hanging your curtains significantly higher will increase the perceived size of your window and give you a better sense of space in a small room.

If you have the option, hang your curtains at ceiling height for impact.

Method 2: Tying Them Up

With stationary curtains, you can use double tiebacks toward the top and simply string one of the curtain panels through a single tieback to create a swag look. And remember – if you have an abundance of extra fabric, feel free to add on extra tiebacks!

Method 3: Using Glue

Pleats are both beautiful and functional when they’re placed in curtains. If you want to create your own pleats, you can use fabric glue or fusible webbing to do so.

Simply place your curtain flat on the table, exposing the right side. Make one or more pleats across the panel and secure them with pins.

Then iron the seams once the pin is removed. Fold along each pressed crease that runs down the length of each pleat then let it cure per manufacturer instructions for either glue or webbing.

Method 4: Using Clipusing clip

To hang a pinched curtain with clips, lift up the side you’re going to pin to the curtain rod. Grab a piece of fabric (it should look like a fan shape) and pull it up slightly.

Slide a clip through the ring that is attached to your window frame (this will pinch the fabric in place so it doesn’t slip while you clip it to more material).

Repeat this step several times until you reach the top of your window.


How can you make lengthy curtains shorter without having to cut them?

Instead, you can fold up one edge twice over so that you have duplicate colors of fabric exposed on either side of the folded section.

Another method is to hand sew buttons at each end of the curtain panels this will allow you to easily hang and remove the curtains from a rod onto which they are designed to be attached.

A double-folded hem looks attractive when finishing curtains and still provides a neat finish for shorter systems that do not require ironing after laundering.

Is hem tape OK for curtains?

To hem curtains with a narrow hem, use an iron-on tape. The tape is for lightweight materials. If the length from top to bottom of the curtain is 33 inches.

Then measure the length with a ruler and subtract 2 inches if you want the curtain to hang 5 inches below the length of the curtains.

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