Michael Bolton Says His 6 Grandchildren Find His Former Long Hairstyle ‘Quite Amusing’

By Loura

Michael Bolton Says His 6 Grandchildren Find His Former Long Hairstyle ‘Quite Amusing’

Michael Bolton, the legendary musician, has said that his six grandkids disliked his prior distinctive long hairdo. Bolton’s characteristic long hair were not universally admired, as his grandchildren discovered old photos from the 1990s and thought them hilarious.

The 70-year-old musician shared this amusing incident with co-host Mark Consuelos, 52, and guest co-host Jenny Mollen, 44, during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark.

Mollen, who was interested in the family dynamics, asked whether any of Bolton’s six grandkids joined him on tour.

“Not on this tour,” said Bolton. “However, my daughters are constantly plotting ways to bring them along, just like they used to come on the road with me.”

Michael Bolton Marks 25 Years of Charitable Giving to Women and Children in Need
While Michael Bolton’s long hair days are long gone, he continues to fascinate audiences with the love melodies that launched his incredible career.

Bolton stays determined to make a good effect as he celebrates 25 years of humanitarian endeavours supporting women and children in difficult circumstances.

The epidemic inspired Bolton’s current album, “Spark of Light,” which emphasises the necessity of finding hope even in the darkest of circumstances. “Beautiful World,” his most recent track, conveys this feeling.

Seeing friends and family members battle with tremendous darkness and dread in their everyday lives, Bolton and his crew felt a profound obligation to give hope and consolation via their music.

As a result, an album that emanates cheerfulness and provides a feel-good experience was created.

Bolton’s daughters Isa, Holly, and Taryn, as well as their six children, provide him pleasure and inspiration today. He also values his connection with Heather Kerzner, whom he started seeing last summer.

The love and pride he feels for his family gives him incalculable joy, emphasising the timeless significance of love as the centre of the world.

Bolton, who has lived in Westport, Connecticut for almost three decades, has found new pleasure by embracing his humorous side, which was heavily inspired by the comic duo The Lonely Island.

In 2011, Bolton and The Lonely Island collaborated on the Saturday Night Live spoof song “Jack Sparrow,” which soon went viral.

In 2017, “Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” was released on Netflix, continuing the successful cooperation.

Furthermore, Bolton has been in famous primetime comedies such as Two and a Half Men and Fresh Off the Boat.

When asked about his early days, the musician confesses to taking himself too seriously. Working with The Lonely Island, on the other hand, taught him the value of irreverence and the capacity to laugh at himself.

This discovery led to new possibilities and presented Bolton to an audience that was previously unaware of his humorous side.

Letting up of self-imposed constraints opened the door to a new era of fun and innovation in his job. Bolton has no plans to slow down anytime soon, enjoying the pleasure and excitement that life has to offer.

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