Outdoor ceiling fan reviews

Outdoor ceiling fan reviews. Outdoor ceiling fans enable the fan blades to be mounted on the outside of a building so that air circulates in your backyard. There are many great ways you can use them to help make your backyard an enjoyable space for living and entertaining.

We looked at four of the top-rated fans to give you an overview of what is out there and how they can fit into your life. Here we introduce some key considerations including cost, ease of installation, convenient mounting systems, and unique features.

Although you may have to go to a specialty store for these types of products, shopping today on Amazon will get you fast and convenient delivery right to your door.

Outdoor ceiling fans are not only aesthetically pleasing additions to the outside of your home, but they also serve a practical purpose.

Contractors and construction workers who work in hot temperatures can use an outdoor ceiling fan to help themselves stay cool as well.

Depending on your specific needs, there is a vast range of different types of outdoor ceiling fans available for purchase at popular online retailers like Amazon that can help you find the best product for your needs.

If you’re planning on installing an outdoor ceiling fan soon, be sure to check out this article by the This Old House Reviews Team which will teach you what to look for when shopping and how much to expect to pay on average for each product.

Outdoor ceiling fan reviews

1. Prominence Home 51024 Indoor/Outdoor outdoor ceiling fan reviews

Prominence Home 51024 Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan (Available in both silver and black).

This fan is built to be used inside or outside, whether you’re looking to cool down your bedroom on a hot summer day or help to circulate the air around your patio deck. It’s easy to wipe clean and comes with an adjustable pulley for increased versatility.

Prominence Home 51024 Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling fan has a style that is unique to any other ceiling fan on the market today. The copper-colored blades and black steel provide the perfect combination of elegance and loft.

This ceiling fan can be installed above 8′ ceilings with its handy down rod, or you have the option to have it installed face-up so it hangs 6 inches below the ceiling (Perfect for where in need of a little extra seating).

This hang-up ceiling fan feature allows you to easily switch the direction of your ceiling fan, so air doesn’t flow in a big circle above your head.

Now, this innovative feature will enable you to take advantage of all of the well-designed features that other home hang-up fans don’t have. Enjoying hanging ceiling fans has never been easier than now.

2. Hunter Cassius Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fanhunter cassius indoor outdoor ceiling fan

Cassius Industrial fans are a great way to improve the quality of air in your home without spending money on expensive interior designers.

It helps you to save on excessive power bills as an added bonus! Cassius fans also come with reversible blades made of walnut and grey finish stripes.

This will help improve your home’s design and get rid of the dullness that often makes you want to avoid certain areas like your front room or living room.

The industrial fan will keep it exciting with its ultra-powerful airflow and whisper-less motorized feature making any working environment positive, productive, and energizing to be around.

The matte black ceiling fan is easy to turn on or off and will run at different speeds depending on which pull chain is pulled – no need to bend over.

The height of the indoor/outdoor fan can be adjusted thanks to the included 5″ and 3″ downrods, so that when you’re sitting directly below it, it creates a gentle breeze while standing underneath will feel like you’re getting hit directly in the face.

Also note, this high-quality fixture is suitable for covered porches, patios, sunrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms because unlike other regular fans which are prone to corrosion, this residential grade unit is even safe for use outdoors.

3. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50207 Palm Islandhoneywell ceiling fans 50207 palm island

This ceiling fan brought to you by Honeywell has been a popular choice for fans. Its palm leaf blades have added a nice tropical feel to this popular fan among consumers.

Although many customers have raved about the look of this design, they thought it could have worked a little better to cover a larger area as opposed to other designs that are also available through Honeywell.

Regardless, the manufacturer states that it was made with quality in mind to ensure your satisfaction.

This fan can be switched on and off quickly using the good old-fashioned pull chain, which contributes to its classic style.

It’s also compatible with Honeywell ceiling fans and can be controlled with a remote. The stock 3-speed motor is conveniently quiet but it’s also reversible in case you want to rotate warm air as winter approaches.

Well, with this 52-inch fan, there will be no more worries. The fan is designed to replace your 48 and 52-inch blades included in multiple fans while giving you upgraded light modes.

4. Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB Xtrememinka aire f896 65 orb xtreme

There are a few characteristics of fans that determine how well they work in order to be called air circulators.

The Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB Xtreme not only provides comfort when you need it, but also even circulation moving hot air around making your room feel cooler and more breathable. It’s perfect for indoor patio or outdoor spaces with simple installation.

Minka-Aire F896-65-ORB Xtreme. The Contemporary Ceiling Fan is clearly designed for people who are generally taller than 6” because the blade sweep is 13.5” long and the fan only comes with a 6” downrod, so you can only choose one or the other if you want to install the ceiling fan without it being mounted low or high on your wall.

This product requires the Bond BD-1000 hub (sold separately) to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and multiple downrod lengths are also available, sold separately.

5. Prominence Home 50345-01 Auletta Outdoor Ceiling Fanprominence home 50345 01 auletta outdoor ceiling fan

A prominent staple in any outdoor space, Prominence Home’s durable Auletta ceiling fan displays a sharp matte black body and 4 sleek waterproof fan blades.

The outdoor flush mount structure enhances the symmetry of your favorite outdoor living space while creating a cooling effect. Order today.

The traditional stand-by ceiling fans are perfect for any area inside, but you can also create a stylish new extension of your style by adding a contemporary-style fan right outside your back door.

A covered deck, porch, or patio will benefit from being enhanced with the addition of a sensational new ceiling fan that’s ideal for some extra cooling when you want to enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon iced tea on your newly upgraded shaded deck.

This ceiling fan boasts a sleek, rustic design that can complement any indoor or outdoor space as well as make them cozier. You’ll definitely enjoy the rich pine tones and how it brings added warmth to any environment.

Having the ability to light up outdoor areas is a big plus for homeowners, but sometimes it’s not as effective as desired. That’s where this amazing ceiling fan comes in.

It will help you easily manage your lighting with its wide range of dimming options that are fully integrated into the fixture so you don’t need to use any separate remotes. All the while, the easy-to-use remote control provided will make it a breeze to direct airflow and adjust other features like speed and direction.

6. Monte Carlo 3MAVR70BK Maverick Maxmonte carlo 3mavr70bk maverick max

The Monte Carlo Max is everything you need to add a little extra light and cheerfulness to your space at home.

Comes with a handheld six-speed remote controller, this fan can be installed in more than just the ceiling; opting for the Monte Carlo Max means that adding it above your favorite reading chair has never been easier.

The included LED lamp gently emits warm light so you can enjoy reading into the late hours of the night without having to deal with eye strain. It’s no wonder why this fan is one of our most popular models.

This commercial-grade fan has a maverick design and glossy black finish with a matte black frame. The 3MAVR70BK model has one of the quietest motors on the market due to its premium Power Energy efficient DC motor, which features precision balanced blades for wobble-free operation.

The Monte Carlo Maverick Max ceiling fan comes in sleek black. It’s perfect for your home. You’ll love the bold and striking design that isn’t found in other conventional fans.

The Maverick Max will by far exceed your expectations when it comes to power consumption and energy efficiency as it uses up to 55% less energy to produce the same quiet and powerful cooling performance as a conventional ceiling fan, which saves you money on air conditioning bills over time.

7. Noble Home Outdoor ceiling fan reviewsoutdoor ceiling fan review

If a 60-inch fan is what you need to cool down an extremely large area, there’s no question that the Ceiling Fan by Noble Home Industrial is ideal.

The high-efficiency airfoil blades in this ceiling fan have a blade span of 60 inches, which is designed to create optimal airflow, allowing you to keep your home, office, or other space cool with all the added comfort that comes with raising the thermostat in your house.

The included chain allows for variable height settings and includes three different positions 32-inch, 44-inch, and 60-inch. This quality ceiling fan from Noble Home Industrial also includes mounting hardware made of metal or wood.

This stylish, ultra-modern ceiling fan without light offers a quiet, reversible motor as well as a durable metal construction in a sleek black finish. The included blades are crafted of matching black material that adds to the fan’s minimalist look.

Noble home industrial ceiling fan this moisture-resistant fan is rated for use in damp locations and is suitable for indoors and covered outdoor areas, making it ideal for cooling down garages, basements, and barns. It’s also great for large workspaces where larger rooms may benefit from a little extra ventilation.

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Outdoor ceiling fan reviews. Outdoor ceiling fans enable the fan blades to be mounted on the outside of a building so that air circulates in your backyard. There are many great ways you can use them to help make your backyard an enjoyable space for living and entertaining.

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