Pellet stove consumer reviews

Pellet stove consumer reviews. Although this option isn’t ideal for everyone, one of the most appealing homes heating alternatives is a wood-burning stove.

Rather than using gas or electricity to warm your living space, a wood-burning stove burns logs and other wooden materials to provide you with a steady flow of heat.

Wood-burning stoves are much more efficient in comparison to radiant or panel heaters and their costs are generally less expensive as well.

The first thing you need to consider if you want to buy a pellet stove is the hopper capacity. You see, not all pellet stoves can hold the same amount of fuel and this narrows down your options fast.

The next important consideration is whether or not the unit includes an automatic feeder which can load new pellets into the unit with just the press of a button and without you having to go through the trouble of manually refilling it from behind every time.

Pellet stove consumer reviews

1. Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW Medium Pellet Stovepellet stove consumer reviews

Cleveland Iron Works PS60W-CIW Medium Pellet Stove. 26% federal tax credit is available with a 75% energy efficiency rating or higher.

Built-in WiFi smart home technology: allows quick and easy control of your indoor environment at the touch of a button.

Heats up to 1200 square feet. 60 lb large hopper capacity: keeps materials hot and ready to burn without the need to constantly feed the source which is both time-consuming and inefficient.

Digital control panel and remote included can be operated from anywhere within WiFi range; includes a two-year warranty on parts and labor, ten-year warranty on firebox, five years on heated products. Whisper quiet blower: does not require added installation costs of ductwork for proper operation.

The Iron Works No.200 Medium Pellet Stove quickly and economically heats up to 1200 sq ft. It can hold up to 60 lbs of pellets at a time, with Wi-Fi connectivity included to adjust the thermostat remotely and ensure your home is always at its optimal temperature.

The whisper-quiet blower keeps the stove operating without disturbing your daily routine while circulating warmth throughout your living space.

2. Hopper Extension for The Harman P 38 or P 43hopper extension for the harman p 38 or p 43

Our Harman Pellet Hopper Extension is made in Michigan by skilled craftsmen using state-of-the-art laser cutting, CNC forming, and welded 20 gauge steel.

Please never leave anything near your stove and never use it with the lid open except to fill it. Please keep in mind that if you have a Harman Insert Stove, this LP Hopper Extension will not work.

A pellet stove can be useful, especially when you don’t have to worry about it breaking down during the cold months of the year.

Owning a pellet stove, on the other hand, may appear to imply manual labour in cleaning out your stove’s hopper every time you use it.

Well, here at Harman Products, we’ve designed an easy-to-install device called the Hopper Extension that eliminates the need for you or anyone around you to get your hands dirty cleaning up after your pellet-burning appliance.

3. PelletStovePro King Ashley 5500XLT pelletstovepro king ashley 5500xlt 

Amazon has the King Ashley 5500XLT & 5500M Pellet Stove Distribution Convection Blower Fan 80472A. This motor does not resemble the one that came with your stove. The holes line up nicely, but the new motor is slightly larger than the original.

The fan has a larger fan blade and runs at a slightly slower speed than the original, making it much quieter.

Because the new and old wires are not directly compatible, you will need to splice them together. It makes no difference which wire connects to which as long as they are both connected.

Let’s take a look at the specifications for this stove motor to begin with. The motor is so quiet that you won’t even know that it’s on.

This motor lasts up to 15-20 years and can be described as fire-resistant. It is designed for variable speed and uses high temp rubber bushings to reduce vibration, which means your stove will operate much more quietly.

Additionally, the connections are weatherproof because this company knows its important to keep all parts dry and safe. Spending time cooking a healthy meal turns into a fun endeavor when one doesn’t have to interrupt their preparation just because someone has opened that pesky window.

4. Pelpro Hopper Extension – 200-Lb. Capacitypelpro hopper extension 200 lb. capacity

Pellet stove Pro is a popular brand that you can count on to deliver what its name promises. The King Ashley 5000xlt extends the heat capacity of your pellet stove by nearly 8 days, with its 200 lb. capacity, and comes in various sizes to meet your needs.

The Pelpro Extension enables the hopper to hold an additional 200 lbs of pellets. The hopper extension installs easily into the existing hopper lid.

This Pelpro hopper extension extends the heating capacity of your Pelpro pellet stove, model# PP130, by 200lbs., which adds 8 days to its existing efficiency.

The reason your stove is burning up pellets a little faster than usual is because of an increase in temperature and humidity this season compared to others, but you can easily fix that with a new hopper extension and some maintenance made easier by reducing the number of trips you make from your garage or basement to refill it.

5. US Stove 5501S 2,200 Pellet stove consumer reviewspellet stove consumer review

Good things come in small packages, and the US Stove 5501S pellet stove is no exception. The 5501S combines the best of both worlds by combining a full-size burning system with a small cabinet and hopper.

It can heat up to 2,200 square feet, but its incredibly small dimensions allow it to fit almost anywhere you need heat on a smaller scale.

This simple and straightforward machine is ready to get the job done right, whether you’re looking for a wood pellet stove to use at home or something to help keep your business running.

The 20 pound hopper on a Wood-Maxx Pellet stove can provide up to 13 hours of burn time because the hopper is larger than what you see on competitors’ stoves.

The extra capacity decreases diurnal fluctuation in heat output as pellets do not have to constantly be fed into the burn chamber as they are with some competitive products.

Lower auger jamming rates on this product result in shorter cold and hot starts, giving customers more consistent heat during colder months or when house loads are increased due to entertaining family members. An electric heating element is used only while the unit is turning on.

This turns the pellets into a golden-colored ash instead of black soot and allows stirring of newly added pellets without additional noise from an auger motor.

Once the stove reaches its required temperature, combustion becomes self-sustaining as no additional electricity or heat source is needed for operation; simply load up and get warmth.


Pellet stove consumer reviews. Although this option is not ideal for everyone, a pellet stove is a popular way to heat your home. Despite being quite different from electric heaters or baseboard heaters, it makes your home much cozier and you’ll appreciate waking up a lot in the winter.

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