Surge protectors consumer reports

Surge protectors consumer reports.Power surges can happen at any given moment but most often when we’re least ready for it.

The best surge protectors are those that provide protection to your devices, have plenty of outlets to handle all your electronics, and also have multiple connection types such as USB and Ethernet.

Some surge protectors even go the extra mile by combining surge protection with battery backup so you can safely power down-sensitive electronics such as game consoles and PCs.

Our top pick for the category is the APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA, which combines the needed functionality of a quality surge protector with enough assured power for keeping a Wi-Fi network running in the absence of reliable electricity.

Digging deeper into our best uninterruptible power supplies article, we uncovered that it contains a variety of solutions for different needs and we feel you might not just be looking for “surge protection” but other specific solutions that will better suit your regulatory compliance or business continuity directives such as those included in our list of the best full-featured UPS.

Surge protectors consumer reports

1. Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Stripsurge protectors consumer reports

A total of 6 plug-ins on a power strip that includes one “transformer” outlet so you can use whatever you are used to when it comes to home entertainment. It has a higher than average joule rating of 790.

A surge-protector power strip can help to safeguard your electronics against voltage fluctuations, swells, or spikes while you’re cleaning the house or plugging in several appliances at once.

At only 6 feet long, this unit doesn’t take up extra floor space so it leaves room to spare for other types of items in a crowded entertainment center or bedroom.

Simply plug it into a properly grounded AC outlet, press down on the rocker switch to turn it on, and you’re ready to go.

One of the six surge-protected outlets is a transformer outlet designed to accommodate larger power adapters, but we recommend using the other regular outlets if you don’t need it for that reason because not all power adapters will fit into it due to the size.

Sometimes a red indicator light isn’t enough when it comes to the safety and protection of your appliance.

2. Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector belkin power strip surge protector 

Charge all your electronic devices on your desk at the same time with a convenient, compact charging station that offers 12 AC outlets to plug in all of your chargers at once.

With a surge protector to safeguard against damage due to power spikes and surges, you can be confident that all of your equipment will stay safe and secure while being powered.

It features two openings for RJ11 telephone or fax cables where the plugs can be secured to prevent your phone line from getting cut out.

It also has an opening for a coaxial cable used by boxes like cable and satellite TV providers so you know that it will not get damaged.

The housing of this unit is fire retardant as well as impact resistant, meaning that natural disasters or accidents won’t affect its structure, preventing corrosion too.

When it comes to your electronic devices, you don’t want to take any chances. There’s always a possibility of them malfunctioning at any time, and if that occurs, you’ll need something to protect them from the sudden surges of energy your electronics may experience at some point. For this reason, it’s important that you equip yourself with adequate surge protectors for every electronic device in existence.

3. GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector, 10 Ft Extension Cordge 6 outlet surge protector, 10 ft extension cord

These outlets are grounded and protected from harmful surges, so you don’t have to worry about them burning out or frying your gear.

Six outlets provide plenty of space for your essential electronics like your personal computer, television, stereo, and work tools.

We know that when you’re working outside the house in a well-ventilated garage or workshop that anything can get overheated fairly quickly which is why it is crucial to have things set up right so as to save yourself the trouble of downtime with electronics.

This cable comes in a flat design that makes it easy to hang on walls and difficult to tangle. It is comprised of 14 gauge SJT wire wrapped in durable PVC coating. The plug is heavy-duty, so you don’t have to worry about ripping it out of the wall outlet if you accidentally yank too hard.

This surge protection has an 800 Joules protection rating which will safeguard your electronic devices from harmful voltage spikes.

The Automatic Over Voltage and Automatic Temperature Compensation technology automatically reduce voltage to devices if are exposed to statistically likely high levels of voltage, such as those caused by electrical storms for example.

Lastly, an integrated circuit breaker and automatic shutdown technology cut power to this surge protector should it experience overvoltage or overheating.

4. CyberPower CSHT1208TNC2 Home Theater Surge Protectorcyberpower csht1208tnc2 home theater surge protector

Quality Home Theater Fabrics make all the difference in the way a room feels and its ability to feel at home.

The lush feeling of your favorite micro-fiber sofa comes from using quality materials that make even a big investment more affordable like improving power quality with surge protection.

With 12 outlets and 3150 joules of protection, you get reliable power distribution for your television, gaming devices, DVD player, and more.

Keep larger home theater pieces safe from surges safely in place thanks to individual out contact safety covers. Plus the cord wraps neatly at the bottom, so there’s no ugly tangle of cords behind your furniture.

There are many different devices that rely on Ethernet to connect and communicate with a network. These include computers, printers, routers, and switches.

In order to sustain a smooth flow of communication between all these devices, it becomes necessary for the cables used by them not just to be compatible with one another but also extremely reliable in terms of transferring data reliably between each device.

5. APC Surge Protector with USB Portsapc surge protector with usb ports

A surge protector is helpful in two ways to me. First of all, it will protect my laptops, televisions, hard drives, and cell phone chargers that I have plugged into it from being damaged by a power surge.

And secondly, with the 2 USB charging ports, I can charge or recharge my cell phone and tablet when necessary without having to run the risk of having them damaged from the surges as well.

The APC Surge Protector with USB Ports is by far the best surge protector on the market today.

This revolutionary device can protect your electronics while providing two additional slots to support one to six USB devices at once, providing a total of 5V/1A (the max current that can be drawn from each USB slot).

The APC provides power outlets as well as protection. It has a modern and sleek design in view of needing 1000 Joule protection being designed for high-end expensive electronics.

Users will not find additional technologically complete protection products anywhere else, this product actually assists in spending your money wisely by understanding the value it gives.

6. APC Surge protectors consumer reportssurge protectors consumer report

APC Surge Protector Power Strip 6 Feet Power Cord with straight 3 prong plug. Two USB ports provide 2.4 Amps of charging power, safety shutters protect users from accidental shock, clutter, and cord tangles plus it has a right-angle plug which means you don’t have to work around the tight corners lying at the back of your desk or your cabinet.

APC offers affordable home office surge protectors to give their customers lifetime protection. $30,000 equipment protection coverage and a 120V switched 15A and protected 8 AC outlets are just a few features of these surge protectors.

With a lifetime warranty, 30,000 connected equipment warranty equipment damage protection you can rest assured that your electrical devices will be safe and protected for the entirety of ownership.

Surge protectors are like fire extinguishers. They have a number of different uses and should be placed in most rooms around the house, including garages and shop areas where they can keep all types of devices safe from harm.

This model includes protection that is functioning, LED indicator lights, 8 protected plugs, a ground okay indicator, a recessed power switch for easy access, and key hole mounts so you can easily install this surge protector in any wall outlet space.


Surge protectors consumer reports. When shopping for a surge protector, look for a model that meets your needs and offers the features you want. Even if you don’t have sensitive electronics, consider investing in a surge protector with a battery backup to give you peace of mind. And if you’re shopping for an outlet, look for one that has the UL approval mark, which means it has been tested and meets industry standards.

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