Thin mattresses for platform beds

Thin mattresses for platform beds. Some people are choosing to abandon traditional box springs in favor of foundations without one. There are several reasons for doing so such as lower cost, less hassle, and sometimes additional storage space under the frame due to additional room.

Whatever your motivation was for choosing a foundation bed vs a traditional box spring, you will still need a mattress that is more conducive to sleep than your platform so that you can get good rest while using your bed.

If you are in need of additional storage in your bedroom, one option is to purchase a platform bed. These beds utilize a single base – that is, no boxspring is required and which allows for whole cabinets to be placed underneath the mattress for even more storage.

However, when choosing this type of bed, it’s essential to remember the mattress you place upon it must be high quality, or else the entire bed won’t feel quite right when it comes time to get some shuteye.

Thin mattresses for platform beds

1. Zinus Tonja Platform Bed thin mattresses for platform beds

Updated styling will add a sleek and contemporary look to your bedroom. The strong wood slat support system consists of head, foot and center support slats for even distribution of weight across the entire surface for greater comfort and durability.

The Zinus Tonja Platform Bed is a great addition to your bedroom.

It’s crafted of high-quality materials and has a lovely finish, so it’ll look great in any setting.

Non-slip tape is applied to each of the wooden slats on the surface, preventing your mattress from rolling about.

Because there are no metal frames and wires, you can rest assured Tonja meets all safety standards in both the USA and Canada with no need for a box spring or foundation.

You can be ready to sleep soundly a lot faster! You can assemble our bed within minutes because we’ve placed the whole frame into one convenient box. All of the parts and tools you need for assembly are included, so you’ll be assembling your new bed with ease in no time.

Make your bedroom a dreamland with the Tonja Wood platform bed from Zinus. It’s crafted from wood with a metal interior frame that’s super sturdy and will stand the test of time while being easy to assemble thanks to a complimentary tool kit that’s included.

The gorgeous headboard is finished in rich wood tones, and strong slat support holds up your mattress be it foam, spring, or hybrid. And get this- you don’t even need to use box springs because there are no gaps between slats.

2. Prepac Mate’s Platform Storage Bed prepac mate's platform storage bed

Guests are sure to fall in love with this 6-drawer storage bed. Made from a durable laminate, in a rich espresso finish that blends seamlessly with any existing bedroom decor.

The Manhattan Platform Bed Frame is a beautiful addition to the rest of the Manhattan and Regency bedroom collections. It’s built of robust metal and has safety stops to ensure that the drawer opens and closes smoothly.

The platform is finished with a profiled MDF top, complementing the other pieces beautifully. This bed frame takes king-sized mattresses and comes in black or silver for versatility to suit your bedroom decor.

The Prepac Easy Assembly Platform Storage Bed is a ready-to-assemble bed that requires some tools and assembly.

Constructed with laminated composite woods, solid wood slats, metal supports, and an espresso finish, this platform storage bed is made of various materials for sturdiness and functionality.

It ships in several boxes that could arrive separately so be sure to plan ahead when choosing a delivery time.

3. Mellow Naturalista Classic 12mellow naturalista classic 12

This bed frame has a minimalist design that combines form and function. The wooden slats are coated with non-slip tape for stability and the modern finish blends in well with other furniture such as nightstands or dressers.

Considering it measures 79.5  long, 8.5 inches tall, 3 ½ inches broad and can hold up to 1500 pounds in evenly distributed weight, this bed is ideal if you need extra room under your bed or lofted area to store items out of sight.

This item is covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and ships for free.

No reason to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t feel like it’s holding your back straight. With our solid wood platform bed, you get the luxury you deserve without ever having to crawl up on your tippy-toes in order to enjoy the night.

Not only does ours come with smooth, gradual slats for a mattress of your choice, but it is an all-inclusive system as well including everything required and necessary.

For a state-of-the-art piece, this one will cost you less than what you thought because of our super-special sale price.

4. Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slatolee sleep 18 heavy duty queen steel slat

The Olee Sleep 18″ Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slat Minimalist style can help all customers who must place their mattress in a tight living area and they want to maximize sleeping space.

The sturdy steel slats that come with the frame let these customers support a thicker, more luxurious mattress on top.

In addition, this design not only encloses the mattress with the frame, but it also prevents it from further slipping because of the added stability of the frame.

Olee Sleep is a fantastic way to keep clutter, dust, and dirt under wraps in your bedroom. It’s not only strong and dependable, but it’s also stylish and comfy.

It not only provides you with great storage space underneath the bed frame but there’s plenty of room to add even more furniture.

There’s no need for an extra spring box or anything else either – the simple setup process is completed in minutes without having to use any tools along the way! This exclusive Olee Sleep 18 inch Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slat Mattress fits a standard queen-size mattress (59 x 79 inches).

The mattresses provide a 16.25-inch under-bed clearance and use 8-inch slats separation distance. Enhance sleep comfort and quality, this 9.5 inches memory foam mattress distributes body weight evenly over a larger area for maximum support and features high-density foam for durability and comfort.

5. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame mellow metal platform bed frame 

The Mellow Metal platform bed frame is an amazing product, delivering a modern feel in smart compact packaging.

It is not only stylish but also very strong, with a hinged corner and easy to assemble thanks to the tools which are provided. Simply put it together in minutes.

This platform bed can be found with or without a box spring. The NO Box Spring Required Frame is made with steel so the durability is great, plus there’s no more creaking in the night!

It’s topped by your mattress of choice for a comfortable sleep and comes fully assembled for instant gratification.

Heavy-duty steel construction combined with metal slat support ensures stability and comfort. 12″ low-profile design to easily get in and out of the bed or to add an extra 2″ mattress thickness.

Clip2Lock is something that a lot of people who have problems with assembling and disassembling furniture will appreciate. It makes it so much easier to add and remove various parts when you are setting up or transporting your Clip2Lock furniture.

These clips allow you to easily assemble and disassemble furniture without having to worry about the holes lining up the wrong way, or pegs digging into other parts because they don’t line up properly.

6. Best Price Mattress 14 Inch Metal Platform Bedsbest price mattress 14 inch metal platform beds

When it comes to your home, it’s sometimes the simple things that are most difficult to find. When you need a bed frame, it may feel like all of the options out there either don’t have enough clearance for storage or have too much weight for easy mobility.

We understand how aggravating this may be, and we want to make your search as simple as possible.

Our heavy-duty steel furniture is the perfect combination of simplicity, style, and durability that helps give you space where you need it without compromising quality or comfort.

Temperature-reactive memory foam. It is slightly stiff at room temperature, but as soon as you lie down in bed, its unique chemistry begins to adapt itself to your body form, easing pressure spots and allowing you to sleep deeper without tossing and turning.

7. Linenspa 10 Inch Thin mattresses for platform bedsthin mattresses for platform bed

10 inch hybrid foam mattress medium-feel A hybrid mattress combines the traditional support of an innerspring mattress with a plush layer of memory foam to produce a medium-feel, luxurious comfort level.

This is also ideally suited to cases where one partner has different sleep preferences than another as it has a versatile firmness setting that can be adjusted according to your personal sleep requirements, giving you the perfect level of support each night.

This mattress comes in a box for simple transportation and delivery, and it has our cosiest cover.. 13 inches of clearance create the perfect amount of under-bed storage space for all your needs.

Our steel support braces ensure exceptional stability to hold up to 750 pounds. Antislip treads provide stability as you put away clothes or set up your workspace next to it.

Linenspa Memory Foam, 10-Inch One person, less than five minutes, and no special equipment are required for assembly; simply unfold and hand-tighten the leg support bolts.

When you are ready to sit back and relax, however you may use this memory foam pillow – it even works great as a laptop or reading table pad.


Thin mattresses for platform beds. If you thought that the bed was all you need, then you are wrong. While some people have their own mattress, many others can’t afford to buy one and have to get it from the foundation bed shop. Sleeping on a bed platform can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. We are here to help you choose the mattress that will be best suited for you.

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