Top rated driveway alarm

Top rated driveway alarm. Driveway alarms keep homeowners aware of any unwanted visitors that might come to their homes undetected by other types of security equipment.

Driveway alarms work on the premise of static electricity and when cars enter a driveway they cause essentially a change in the charges.

This charge results in the triggering device (typically a pressure mat) sending a signal to alert owners to movement, but only when someone is approaching from the street side.

If you need something that is more widespread, you may want to look into home security systems or smart doorbells.

These are available at many online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy for example, but for our purposes, we’ve done some research about how these products have helped others by providing solutions that can be very beneficial to someone looking for monitoring and protection as well.

Top rated driveway alarm

1. Mighty Mule Wireless Driveway Alarmtop rated driveway alarm

The Review lets you know when anyone is in your driveway. It sends alerts to your smartphone anytime someone pulls in or out. Its outdoor electromagnetic sensor only detects vehicles; no false alarms from animals, children, etc.

The Driveway Monitor is basically a sophisticated environmental sensing technology that can be installed on your driveway.

It contains an electromagnetic sensor wand that detects mass metallic objects moving within a 3-12 ft. radius of the sensor.

When the device detects a car in motion, it wirelessly communicates with a receiver to produce an audible chime alert.

The easy-to-install Driveway Monitor is ideal for making your home and business more secure from thieves and intruders by sounding alerts whenever someone or something passes by its sensors.

This wireless driveway alarm is comprised of an outer sensor, transmitter and receiver. The sensor detects vehicles entering or exiting the driveway and then alerts you with a chime.

The transmitter sends out signals to the sensor from up to 400 feet away and both units pick up on their necessary batteries at either the wired or wireless versions. In certain weathers, use lithium alkaline batteries for optimal results. If the range seems to be off, try adjusting the sensitivity until it’s satisfactory.

2. Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 Wireless Driveway Alarmdakota alert dcpa 4000 wireless driveway alarm

Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 System consists of a system that was built to get rid of the false alarms caused by normal wildlife (though we do suggest you take these precautions because there are bears in the area) so it can be installed safely and used efficiently.

The Dakota Alert supports vehicle detection with cable verses hardwired solutions, protecting your investment and ensuring that you never overpay for installation or maintenance.

This particular kit includes the 50′ direct burial cable and DCPT-4000 transmitter. It is well suited for urban environments like residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, college campuses, schools, city parks, and more.

The detection device is somewhat accurate, but occasionally false alarms will occur which could mean that the car you’re tracking isn’t actually in the area.

For example, your car may have broken down and gone to another shop for repair because it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty. The metal-sensing probe only detects vehicles passing nearby, not strong winds or large animals.

3. 1/2 Mile Hosmart Rechargeable Driveway Alarm12 mile hosmart rechargeable driveway alarm

The 1/2 Mile Wireless Driveway Alarm can be used by delivery men, pizza deliverers, newspapermen, and other service professionals.

The receiver will alert you that someone is in your driveway up to 1/2 mile away from the sensor. You have 3 color choices for the receiver white, black, or silver. The kit includes everything you need including battery sets and a built-in alarm for added security.

Pro-grade detectors and security systems are a great way to create a safe environment around you during the day, but it’s also important to realize how easy it is for someone or something to sneak in when we least expect it.

You may remember reading about the multiple ways someone can gain access to your home without being detected and one of the methods you can use to deter intruders is just by having a good driveway alarm.

Detecting motion from humans, animals, and large vehicles this alarm has 4 fun & unique chimes built-in so it’s easier than ever to tell where motion detection is coming from.

4. Wireless Driveway Alarm w/Three Sensors Kitwireless driveway alarm wthree sensors kit

Feel safe and secure around your home with our weatherproof perimeter alarm set. It can detect heat and motion during the day as well as at night, making it an effective security system that’s sure to meet all of your needs.

Wireless Driveway Alarm w/Three Sensors Kit. Our wireless driveway alarm and sensor kit for home delivers the latest technology and features everything you need to secure your automobile, business, or home environment.

This high-tech security device comes complete with a number of sensors that can be placed throughout your premises whether at home or in your automobile and delivers real-time alerts when intruders are detected.

The set also comes with a handy monitoring console that displays all sensor values, so you can customize your privacy settings and adjust other parameters based on your specific needs.

Comes fully compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and computer systems. Installation is quick, easy, and requires no special technical skills. You’ll love how our system seems to just work right out of the box.

5. Dakota Alert DCMT-4000 Passive Infrared dakota alert dcmt 4000 passive infrared 

Passive infrared sensors have been around for a long time. In fact, we would go so far as to say that they revolutionized security by being the first of their kind to actually be incorporated into consumer products.

This form of detection relies on the infrared radiation (or heat) emitted from objects in its proximity. The way these sensors operate is by reflecting off of objects and generating an impact of change when movement occurs in an object’s path.

As you may imagine, this is a very popular option for home security systems because it’s one of the most widely used technologies out there and certainly doesn’t come cheap with prices averaging around $2000 per installation.

Dakota Alert DCMT-4000 Wireless Kit. Even at a distance of 1 mile from its paired receiver, the wireless transmitter can still send an extremely powerful signal to turn on or off an alarm or camera, for example.

The Dakota Alert DCMT-4000 comes with outdoor components that are completely coldproof so it is fully operational during winter.

6. SABRE Driveway Alarm Wireless Motion Detector sabre driveway alarm wireless motion detector 

A good quality motion detector is only a small step away from having a perfectly secure home. If you’re concerned about break-ins or theft, this SABRE Driveway Alarm wireless motion detector is for you.

It comes with an adjustable sensitivity sensor that detects when somebody approaches your property, thus warning you of any potential security breaches in advance by giving off an audible alarm sound.

Each piece is made from plastic and contains specially designed parts to make this one of the best driveway alarms on the market.

You can set up your devices anywhere from 90 feet away or even more depending on if there are any obstacles in between.

It comes with an automatic-off feature that can be changed by moving the switch on the device to either 8, 16, or 30-minute models.

It also comes with batteries which can last around 6 months before having to be replaced. Another great feature is that you can use more than one receiver at a time, so you might want to get another for another part of your driveway for safety purposes for example.

7. Optex RCTD-20U Wireless Drivewayoptex rctd 20u wireless driveway

Since the dawn of the wireless age, some inventions have helped us become more productive and streamlined many tasks into a simpler process.

Wireless technology in particular has made it easier to get things done while on the go or on location wherever we want.

Some of our favorites so far include PC gaming accessories like mice and headsets, as well as office equipment to help you stay organized, such as clocks and computer printers.

Regardless of what your household needs maybe, if there is one home improvement project you’re looking to tackle soon, we hope that this list helps.

The RCTD-20U is a wireless alarm system that generates interruptions when the detected object comes in closer proximity to it. These systems create durable wireless networks that can send an alert up to 2,000 feet away from the unit itself.

It’s ideal for use when you’re protecting your home and useful for protecting businesses as well. The unit has several different uses based on the application at hand because it creates a total perimeter alert system capable of notifying you of approaching vehicles, monitoring driveways and entrances, warning of warehouse deliveries, and more.

8. HA-434RTL Home Top rated driveway alarmtop rated driveway alarms

The motion detector has a range of 40 feet, with an operating range of up to 800 feet. This sensor is 2 in 1 and can work as both an alert and an alarm.

It has a built-in siren that produces an audible beeping warning sound (95 dB) when it detects any changes in its environment.

This kit includes one motion sensor that automatically senses motion and a receiver that alerts you to it with sound and lights.

The motion sensor listens for movement. If the sensor detects that something has moved in front of it, it will alert you with an 85db audible alarm and a flashing light. Both the sensor and receiver are wireless the battery-operated (1 9v) sensor connects to the 9v adapter on the receiver using a 9′ cord.

The HA-434RTL is an all-in-one system for monitoring your home or business, triggered by movement. You can set the system to alert you of a moving intruder in three ways: flashing lights; a 95 dB siren; or no audio indicators at all. It’s completely up to you.


Top rated driveway alarm. With the use of driveway alarms, homeowners can get a sense of the comings and goings of the cars in and out of their driveway. The cars will cause a change in the static charge which will trigger the driveway alarms. The driveway alarms can send an alert to your smartphone or any other connected devices. It is an effective way to keep an eye on your property and have an added level of security.

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