Weighted blanket reviews consumer reports

Weighted blanket reviews consumer reports. Most premium weighted blankets come in different sizes and weights and are designed with an inner layer filled with either tiny glass beads, plastic pellets, or steel ball bearings.

It is both the external and inner designs of well-weighted blankets that make it so popular especially as it delivers pressure therapy to help reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, and discomfort.

You can buy weighted blankets in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to suit whatever personal preference you have. From shabby chic designs to sweet sentiments on the softest satin – there’s something for everyone.

Our guide will also show you where you can find both luxury and budget-weighted blankets for as little as $90 or as much as $200. Some people like to add 10% of their body weight to get the most benefits but if you’re unsure just take your best guess and hope the more comfortable it is, the better it will make you feel at night.

Weighted blanket reviews consumer reports

1. Amazon Basics All-Season Cotton Weighted Blanket weighted blanket reviews consumer reports

This weighted blanket is great for providing that comforting sense of being, but does it really weigh 15 lbs? Well no. It’s really not as heavy as a weight, but instead, it sits on top of you like an actual companion.

The nice thing about this is there are a lot of people who want something to cuddle up to at night and this way they don’t have to wait for someone to fall asleep before climbing into bed with them.

One of the biggest problems that people complain about having is that they don’t like the way they look. The fact is that no matter how much you lose, there will always be something to make you insecure about yourself.

If a person were to tell you what they like most about their body, it would probably fall in line with those parts of their body that other people don’t have or aren’t confident with themselves. Unfortunately, bullying happens all the time; and as such, bullying someone for their weight or looks can affect them in a big way.

Blankets that cover the bed typically only cover the top of it, and they are usually meant to cover the user’s upper body. One benefit of this is that it results in the optimal weight distribution on top of the mattress, though another benefit is that it prevents the blanket from sliding off the bed.

2. Casper Sleep Weighted Blanketcasper sleep weighted blanket

These beautiful blankets are handcrafted and weigh between 10-20 lbs so they may not be as heavy as you imagine.

We have other customers recommending them to friends and family members who suffer from anxiety and insomnia, so if that is your concern, we can promise you that these weighted blankets will help improve your sleep quality.

The inner liner is constructed from 100% polyester twill fabric that has a thread count of 140. It has a weight of 60gsm in white color. As for the outer shell, it’s made of 100% cotton fabric with 205 thread count and weighs 110 gsm in indigo color.

The Casper mattress is equipped with a breathable cover that helps move air away from your body so you don’t feel sticky or sweaty. It also promotes air circulation around your body, keeping you comfortably cool while you sleep.

Casper mattresses are also ideal for hot sleepers because of the open-celled foam they come with which makes it easy to stay cool and breathable all night long.

3. Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket for Kidsamazon basics weighted blanket with minky duvet cover

These weighted blankets for adults are great for helping your inner peace. The blankets can be a perfect gift. You will adore the feel of these homemade baby blankets. New, handmade quilts also make an awesome Christmas or birthday present.

Premium quality stitching makes sure the weighted beads are holding their shape, thus ensuring that the sleeping weight blankets remain firmly in place for use as needed.

This and other key factors help to make our bodyweight bags not only beneficial but effective in keeping you cool through the night.

bed buddy is the top company when it comes to weighted blankets. We have the weight and sizes just right so it doesn’t leak and no need for sand in our products either. The Bed Buddy we use in our weighted blanket product is actually safe.

Weighted blankets provide a type of pressure that will seem similar to sitting on the shoulders of your favorite person.

It’s hard to explain why it feels so incredibly warm and comforting, but scientific studies have shown that pressure like this can increase serotonin levels in the body, which results in a gentle feeling of calmness. This can be good for adults and children alike.

4. Amazon Basics Weighted Blanket with Minky Duvet Coverdream lab amethyst and quartz crystal 

Your bed is where you have the right to feel good. Instead of tossing and turning night after night because your mattress just isn’t doing it for you anymore, we’ve got a duvet cover that will give your bed a whole new life while making you look forward to closing your eyes every single night.

It’s made of Minky polyester fabric which has been known for its hand feel similar to cashmere and silk, so you know that not only is it going to provide comfort throughout the duration of its use but also last you years down the line.

Choosing the right size comforter can be perplexing. Once you know how to figure out what size works for you and your bed, it seems easier than it was before.

An ideal comforter’s weight should be about 10%-12% of your body weight for an appropriate amount of warmth.

a blanket can work well as an organizing tool. With even weight distribution and coverage from the top, a blanket can keep your bedding in place.

This means you will never have to worry about bumping what’s beneath the blankets whether you wake up with a bit of a chill or heat the sheets on the opposite side of them.

5. Dream Lab Amethyst and Quartz Crystal casper sleep weighted blanket 15 lbs, indigo

Our weighted blanket is made of ultralux premium microfiber and enhanced with thousands of real quartz crystals and amethyst gemstones that are known to have deep emotional and psychological effects.

The combination of advanced weighted innovation with the included real quartz crystals and amethyst gemstones creates a unique recipe for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

This blanket features rayon made from bamboo on one side and plush fleece on the other. Additionally, it is treated with an Ultra-Fresh solution that helps keep your blanket cleaner for longer.

Our weighted blanket is unique thanks to its quilted design that evenly distributes its sedative contents. We’ve added in hidden ties to make sure it stays put with a removable and washable cover for easy cleaning afterward.

6. Casper Sleep Weighted Blanket 15 lbs, Indigoscasper sleep weighted blanket 15 lbs, indigos

We at Casper understand that there are nights when your body temperature rises and it can become uncomfortable.

Every one of our products is designed with a breathable cover to move air away from your body, keeping you cool all night long.

Our serene and soft weighted blanket can reduce your stress through the use of 3D sound technology that helps you feel safe.

Secure, and confident to sleep deeper than you have in years. Weighted blankets are the go-to choice for those who suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders, or even severe insomnia. The owner of this Casper weighted blanket shares his experience.

7. Yogasleep Weighted blanket reviews consumer reportsweighted blanket reviews consumer report

The Lush Blanket uses glass beads known to stay cooler than plastic counterparts and can be integrated more evenly into fabrics using small pockets with durable stitching that ensures they’re not going to bunch up while you sleep.

Our weighted blankets come with an 800-pound-rated cover. The cover has a fleece outer layer for maximum comfort and is designed to tangle-proof so the internal blanket inside remains without wrinkle or kink. Not only that, but this patterned cover also features eight elastic straps to keep the inner blanket in place.

The thickness of your blanket is important to consider. A blanket can be thin for summer warmth, or thick for winter warmth.

For most people, the best kind of blanket will be something in between, and if you use a weighted blanket it should feel 10-12% of your body weight plus one pound! If you’re unsure that your blanket is heavy enough, do not hesitate to begin with a thin one and add more weight once you have chosen the right texture.


Weighted blanket reviews consumer reports. We’ve talked about a few of the benefits that weighted blankets can provide. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of exactly how a weighted blanket can help you. If you’re looking for a weighted blanket to help you with your anxiety or sleep issues, please visit our site to learn more about our products.

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