What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars

What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars. If you ever own a car and live in the Southern states especially Florida, you might know exactly why you’ve been looking for a good quality bug repellent or tar remover.

You see, here it doesn’t take long after the winter has ended and summer arrives that your car starts accumulating bugs going on the window to the windshield, leaving stubborn stains on the vehicle which can be difficult to get off, let alone be removed by anything else but stripping or harsh chemicals ones that’ll damage the paint.

And then there are those hard-to-remove tar stains that end up on the exterior of cars. Chances are you will have tried just about everything to get them off but nothing seems to work except Bug & Tar Remover products.

This product does not only help you remove tar from your car, it also helps you to remove tree sap from your car.

It is suggested that users trying to get the best possible results should try and test a small corner of their car first in order to determine whether this deter remover works effectively or not.

7 What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars

1. Chemical Guys CWS_104 Concentrated Bug

chemical guys cws 104 concentrated bug

Bug & Tar Remover is a heavy-duty cleaner that removes bugs and tar from your vehicle in a gentle way.

When it comes to toxic compounds, flying insects contain one of the deadliest, which if left unchecked can permanently harm paint.

Bug & Tar is a concentrated mixture that breaks down even the toughest dried-on bugs and tar buildup.

This is performed without causing damage to plastics, bumpers, windshields, headlights, grilles, painted surfaces, chrome accents, and other vehicle components.

When cleaning your car at home or at the car wash with the best method for hand washing autos, mix 1 to 3 oz of Bug & Tar Remover with your regular dish soap. Thank you very much.

When you apply too much of this solution to one area it can leave streak marks. This is because it’s not being thoroughly spread throughout the painted surface and could just be evaporating off onto your towel rather than being used properly as intended.

Although Bug & Tar Remover will remove heavy bugs without damaging your car’s paintwork, we suggest using Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo instead.

It’s very effective at cleaning off those pesky insects like wasps or cicadas which secrete thick globs of paste that are hard to get rid of.

The shampoo is gentle on your car’s clear coat and designed to prolong its life while providing additional durability and easy-to-use features such as a cleaner foam full of cleansing action.

2. VIKING Mesh Bug Cleaning Car Wash Sponge

viking mesh bug cleaning car wash sponge

Viking Microfiber Mesh Bug & Tar Sponge is the bestselling item in car detailing.

Viking microfiber cloths and towels were developed as a way of making cleaning and polishing easier.

Faster, safer, and more effective by trapping dust before it spreads onto other surfaces as well as quickly absorbing dirt making your cleaning job so much simpler.

Millions of microfibers embedded in each cloth grab and hold the dust, dirt, and moisture from your car’s surface, leaving a gleaming, spotless finish. It is so effective that you may not even need any chemicals at all.

Viking car wash sponges aren’t just any ordinary sponge, but a product that has been designed with care so as to meet the consumer’s specific needs.

There are numerous uses that Viking recommends for their special line of microfiber mesh sponges such as when applying lubrication, cleaning wheels, pre-soaking and even transporting.

The unique double-layer mesh can be easily folded in half when storing making it easier than your ordinary car wash sponge and therefore more portable.

When using this on your vehicle during car washing don’t forget to thoroughly rinse so as not to damage your paint job.

Easily remove caked-on bug remnants among other things by combining the right type of wash sponge with either a suitable bug remover or waterless car wash solution.

3. Rain-X RainX RX68806 Bug Remover WWF

rain x rainx rx68806 bug remover wwf

Rain-X Cleaning Fluid is an advanced formula that repels rain, mud, and soil from your windshield to increase visibility on the road.

It’s applied effortlessly with its no‑streak formula creating a layer that adheres immediately to the glass for easy clean up without leaving behind a residue as other products can.

Apply Rain‑X Chances are you’ve probably had some negative experiences with Windshield Washer Fluid. That’s because you used straight water before, bad move.

Your wipers might not have been able to whisk away those pesky bugs at high speeds because of their inability to create a layer of liquid across the entire squeegee.

Your vehicle’s windshield needed more than just plain water, and now you know what it was missing. Rain‑X has been around longer than any other wiper fluid on the market, and it still keeps your windshield cleaner in extreme weather conditions where driving visibility is absolutely key.

Rain-X Bug Remover can help you remove bugs and other unwanted pollutants from the surface of your windshield by removing them with a clean, wet towel or chamois.

You can use Shadow Shields to protect these glasses from seeds, dirt, pollution and moisture. Soak a napkin or cleaning cloth in Rain‑X Bug Remover and apply directly to the dirty lens.

Let sit for around ten minutes before rinsing off with water – don’t forget to turn on your wiper blades while you’re at it.

4. McKee’s 37 MK37-950 Road Kill Bug Scrubber

mckee's 37 mk37 950 road kill bug scrubber

McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber is a sponge that was developed with the expectation of removing dirt and unwanted particles from your car’s paint due to insects or anything else that might get clingy.

The first time you feel this product out, its coarse and sturdy construction will make you question those assumptions.

After allowing it to soak in a bucket filled with soapy water for 3-5 minutes, however, it will soften significantly while still preserving its ability to remove bugs and other foreign particulates without scratching your paint job away.

McKee’s 37 Road Kill Bug Scrubber is an easy way to clean off bugs or tar and other sticky messes. Simply allow it to sit in warm soapy water for a few minutes before using, then gently scrub the affected area.

You will be amazed at how much easier this sponge makes cleaning than using your normal hand soap alone. For really tough problems, use the McKee’s 37 Bug Remover to remove them – you’ll be glad you did.

A trusty scrubber like this one is particularly important to have on hand when you’re driving somewhere rural where there are lots of real life bugs and hopefully not too many roadkill casualties.

A vehicle with curved surfaces needs all the help it can get when cleaning up after a bug, so make sure you take very good care of this tool.

5. Goo Gone Automotive – Cleans Auto Interiors

goo gone automotive cleans auto interiors

Goo Gone has the solution to any sticky situation. Goo Gone is an all-purpose cleaning product that helps you get rid of gums and stickers, clear bird droppings and tree sap, remove spray paint and brake dust.

The Goo Gone variety pack for automotive efforts is absolutely perfect for getting your car, motorcycle or van looking accident-free from top to bottom.

The Goo Gone cleaning products are more environmentally friendly than traditional options because they’re non-acidic and biodegradable to boot.

Plus, their handy aerosol mister bottles make it easy for you to apply them in excess amounts wherever it’s most necessary.

Best of all, Goo Gone comes with a detailed instruction manual so no matter how tough things get with your auto project, you’ll always be able to find a way to clean up after yourself.

Goo Gone lets you throw those co-workers who are breaking your concentration at will a curveball now and then.

This spray is effective and easy to use. It cleans without causing any damage to the surface of your car, boat, or camper. It’s also safe for use on floor mats and other tools because it clings to whatever surface you’re using it on.

Plus, this product is a must-have for anyone who has lived in States with bumper sticker-infested roadways like Arkansas or Louisiana. You really can’t go wrong with making Goo Gone Auto Spray for Car Clean-up an essential part of your cleaning arsenal.

6. Evo Dyne Bug and Tar Remover

evo dyne bug and tar remover

They make external and internal car cleaning sprays that are crafted to leave behind a beautiful finish while also increasing the longevity of your car’s paintwork.

The grease remover is a solvent-based formula that can be applied to any area of your vehicle to remove tar and glue residue for an aesthetically pleasing result every time.

This item works effortlessly on removing these unwanted spots as well as many others. It not only has grease remover capabilities.

But it can take care of brake dust (using on the tires) and any bird droppings you might find on your vehicle. Wash your car with the power of Pinnacle surface cleaners.

Spray this bug and tar remover for cars to effectively remove any clinging bug guts, dirt, grime, grease, tree sap, and all sorts of other unsightly debris that just can’t seem to wipe off using just a rag.

Spray on an MF1 ZeroR Microfiber Buff Cloth and rub the impacted area with it. Allow the surface cleaner spray to sit on the areas you want to be cleaned for 1-2 minutes.

 Evo Dyne car stain remover successfully removes almost any gooey substance from your car’s exterior such as food stains, rust stains, brake dust, and black streaks.

Don’t settle for just another bug sprayer product when you can take things up a notch with the premium spot removing tool.

7. Premium RV Bug Bust – Sun-Baked Bugs Cleaner

premium rv bug bust sun baked bugs cleaner

Effective Remover of Sunbaked Bugs With Thetford’s Premium RV Bug Bust, you can remove sunbaked bugs because they are now able to work more effectively on RVs, boats, cars, trucks, and more.

Unlike other brands who have only one cleaner included in their product line, with this Thetford product you get two cleaners for the price of one.

Both cleaners work on removing all manner of dirt from your vehicle including anything caused by heat or the sun’s rays.

Another great feature about this particular bug remover is that it is completely biodegradable so you won’t run the risk of polluting any water sources or hurting any animals like fish and crustaceans if you accidentally let some slip into local bodies of water while cleaning.

Make sure the surface you’re spraying the product on is clean and dry before application and that the cloth you’re using to wipe your surface is also clean.

Let it sit for one minute before wiping with a new soft clean cloth. If you’ve been sitting for more than 5 minutes, quickly rinse with warm water, otherwise, let it air dry completely before use if you are not rinsing immediately after washing.

To remove stubborn bugs, select a heavier duty scraper or pad to scrape thoroughly before washing lightly with the detergent. For best results, apply in a well-ventilated area but out of direct sunlight.

What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars


What Is The Best Bug Remover For Cars. Using the wrong products while cleaning your car can have a hugely negative impact on it, such as drastically reducing its value, or making the car look worse and feel fully unclean.

But using products like Bug & Tar Removers for Cars won’t affect things negatively in fact, they’ll help you with regular car care tasks by making them easier and more efficient.

As we researched for this article, the top tip is to look for products that contain natural ingredients or no ingredients at all and see them as ‘all-natural’, if you will.

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