Why is my money tree dying

Why is my money tree dying. If you own a money tree and have noticed some of the leaves turning yellow, you might think the plant is dying. If your plant isn’t getting enough sunlight or is too cold or too hot.

It can tell its leaves to slow down their growing process so as not to get damaged by adverse growing conditions. As long as there are still green leaves on your money tree, you will be able to save it from death.

Why is my money tree dyingmy money tree dying

Among the leading causes of money tree death are overwatering, underwatering, low humidity, excessively hot or cold temperatures, and too much sun exposure.

Money trees develop root rot when they are overwatered, turning their leaves yellow and dropping them, while low humidity and dry soil cause the leaves to wilt and turn brown.

Sun Light

The sun’s rays could burn the leaves, causing leaf drops which would be costly as every leaf counts as part of your portfolio in this case.

Outdoors, protect the tree from direct sun and plant it in a shady location being close to trees for example where its trunk can grow thicker which means more leaves and branches which means more opportunities for investing.

Humidity and waterhumidity and water

If your money tree begins to look limp and notice veins of yellow or brown on the leaves, it needs water. Check the soil at a depth of 1 to 2 inches, and if you determine that the soil is dry, add water from the bottom up until all the excess moisture drains from the bottom of the pot.

The roots should never sit in water, so be sure not to over-water your plant. The money tree will also need humidity as this will help keep its leaves and branches looking green and healthy.

This means placing a tray with pebbles under it and adding just enough water, 10 gallons of water per inch for them to soak into but without pooling at the bottom.

These stones will serve as a humidifier. If you’re growing the tree in your home or office, a humidifier helps with humidity as too much or too little will cause problems with your plant’s growth!

The Temperature

Potted trees can summer outdoors in a shady spot in the garden, provided that they are protected from hot, drying winds.

If you live in a climate where your plants are likely to freeze then you can only keep the plant outside during winter if it is able to tolerate mild frosts.

But do not expect the plant to fully recover from freezing temperatures, no matter how mildly it freezes Indoor containers work fine for growing indoors year long but outdoor pots grow best when left outside for about 6 hours every night during most of the year (replacing back inside once temperatures start falling into the 20s).

Pruning the money tree

Prune your view of the money tree according to the needs you have at any given point. If there are large leaves on the bottom seemingly taking away precious air and water, remove them by trimming off a few of those leaves.

Alternatively, you can pinch or trim back the branches – keeping in mind that pruning can sometimes be stressful on trees and will take some time for them to grow back as strong as before.

We suggest sterilizing your pruning tools to prevent diseases from infecting the other plants around wherever you decide is best to place your little money tree that’s sitting in a decorative pot on a table or shelf.


Grow a money tree indoors by mixing together some sort of balanced, soluble fertilizer and water that is diluted to half strength then added to the plant in a way where the mixture drains out of the bottom of its pot.

If you are growing your money tree inside, plant it during spring or summer when it’s actively producing new growth so that it can better make use of its nutrients.

When fall and winter come along, make sure it’s getting enough sunlight but also is being fertilized only about every other month in this colder weather since it wouldn’t be able to efficiently make use of such frequent feeding.

Also, take care not to over-compensate by adding too much fertilizer at any given time because if you do so you run the risk of potentially damaging your plants’ delicate root system.

 Pest problems

You can use dish soap mixed with warm water to create a solution used to spray onto the leaves of your money tree plant.

This will eliminate any pests that may be bothering your plants. After you have rinsed off the leaves, use spider mites or mealybugs on a regular basis especially during this time of year if it gets hot inside your home (particularly in dryer locations).

Wind, dry air conditions, and increased heat from non-air conditioning buildings pose threats to living plants. Humidifier and dehumidifier use (on humidifiers keep humidity at 45% 60%) can help protect money trees during extremely harsh periods.

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