Windshield wiper ratings

Windshield wiper ratings. It typically takes six months or a year for your car’s wiper blades to start tearing or streaking.

The best windshield wipers can go longer, even up to two years, depending on how well you maintain them. Wipers are important for automotive safety because visibility is crucial when it rains.

Make sure the ones you choose are equally reliable and affordable so they won’t put a big dent in your wallet. In this review, we give our take on four of the best windshield wipers available based on customer reviews and testing results.

During the winter season, many drivers take their wiper blades for granted when they are working properly and clear off their windshields with ease. But as any driver knows all too well, these essential accessories to our vehicles break down and have to be replaced periodically.

The most common problem is that the rubber blades become worn down over time and typically will stop functioning properly after prolonged exposure to heat. Though the wipers may seem fine during smaller rainstorms.

Windshield wiper ratings

1. Michelin 8518 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper windshield wiper ratings

The patented Smart Hinge cover help prevent the wiper from gathering clots of snow, ice, and debris which plagues most other windshield wipers.

The unique hinge makes sure to close the cover fully so that there is no room for any object to get in between the glass and the rubber. Blade ends are built with independent suspension that adjusts to your windshield’s shape.

Michelin has long been known for producing top-quality tires for your ride, They’re incredible at what they do, after all.

In fact, Michelin 8518 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wipers is designed with an EZ Lok connector system that clips directly onto your side mirrors and can be easily purchased online. These windshield wipers have recently been shown to last up to 300 km and outperform all industry competitors’ tests.

Swiping away at the dirt and grime on your car’s windshield is no easy task, especially when you want to make sure that what you’re wiping away actually gets fully wiped away.

The Smart Flex design adapts to the curve of your windshield for superior wipe across the entire blade. Independent suspension provides superior wiper blade contact across the entire blade, which allows for clear visibility even on a rainy day.

2. Rain-X 5079275-2 Latituderain x 5079275 2 latitude

Rain‑X has produced a variety of different wiper blade products to help protect your vision during harsh weather conditions.

Visit our brand store today and browse among the many options we offer. From Latitude to Rain‑X Anti-Fog and more, ensure that you have a pair that fits your vehicle’s specifications.

The latest innovations in windshield wiper blade technology meet your needs, whatever they may be. Additionally, the advanced beam blade technology uses a patented adapter that fits up to 96 percent of all makes and models.

Rain-X 5079275-2 Latitude. All-weather blend rubber squeegee designed with a blend of synthetic materials, the Rain-X Latitude has proven itself as an effective means of keeping excess moisture at bay in extreme conditions.

The extra durability ensures that the squeegee is easier to maintain and keep clean in non-ideal weather conditions.

Rain X Latitude wipers have new water repellency benefits that provide even better driving visibility and an overall better windshield experience.

Since 1970, Rain-X has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements when on the road. Rain-X delivers a line of products designed to help drivers stay a confident step ahead of Mother Nature while on their way to wherever they need to go throughout their day.

3. AERO Avenger 22″+18″ Premium All-Season Beam aero avenger 22+18 premium all season beam 

The AERO Avenger 22″+18″ Premium All-Season Beam is a durable windshield wiper designed to eliminate drag and wind lift from conventional beam blades.

The specially blended rubber provides superior smooth and chatter-free wiping. It also has an aerodynamic design that significantly reduces drag, noise, and oscillation for more efficient performance.

AERO is the ultimate windshield wipers brand, known worldwide for its superior quality and performance. Let their undying dedication to your vehicle’s well-being put you at ease during even the worst weather conditions.

The aerodynamic design not only maximizes wiper wiping efficiency but also provides smooth airflow around your vehicle as its durable material stays strong even in extreme temperatures.

AERO wiper blades fit your car better than OE and are available in a variety of sizes and fits. For example, if you have a 22″ Avenger blade plus an 18″ blade of the same part, this set will include both blades with installation instructions.

4. Bosch ICON 18OE Wiper Bladebosch icon 18oe wiper blade

Bosch Icon 18OE Wiper Blade. With patented beam design and shielded connector, visibility is optimized even in extreme weather conditions.

A tensioning spring arcs down and apply pressure according to the curvature of each side of the windshield for a custom fit.

An asymmetric spoiler distributes uniform downward force along the entire blade for a firm grip on the windshield at higher speeds ensuring maximum performance from your wiper blades during inclement weather.

Bosch ICON 18OE Wiper Blade functions double duty, wiping away drops at the same time as repelling heat. Lasts up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades and fits all top-tier automakers. Exclusive fx dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration.

Its patented beam design with a shielded connector optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions, so you don’t have to deal with annoying streaks left from non-Bosch wipers. Easy installation with an original equipment-quality adapter.

5. Dorman 602-5411 Windshield wiper ratingswindshield wiper rating

Thanks to its durable construction, this wiper arm is sure to protect your windshield from rain, snow, and other forms of weather and debris.

Its unique design restores functionality that may have otherwise been lost due to normal wear and tear or poor quality which can sometimes lead to a dangerous driving experience for you and your passengers.

Dorman 602-5411 Windshield Wiper Arm Compatible Trustworthy quality. Designed with the user in mind to last for their lifetime or we will replace them with new ones for free.

Backed by a team of product experts and over 100 years of automotive experience you can trust OTC products and get back on the road in no time. We have everything you need right here including 1 million trusted repair guides located within your reach at all times.

This windshield wiper arm is designed to meet or exceed the OEM quality standard, and it’ll work for most vehicles. It’s engineered for durability and meant for anyone who needs it.

If your vehicle is listed below, this part will fit, but you first need to check with the garage tool before buying because every vehicle has its own trim that needs to be confirmed as “fitment”.

How to replace Windshield wiper


Windshield wiper ratings. There are several different types of wipers and blades you can choose from to stay safe. The most common are standard, beam, and hybrid. All three of these types have their own pros and cons. No matter which type of wiper you choose, it’s important that you keep them clean and fully functional.

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